Earl Lee Jones & Shirley Jane Wilson Family Tree

Welcome to the Earl Lee Jones and Shirley Jane Wilson ancestral file; grab your hard hat, shin guards, chest protector, steel toed boots, hankies or Kleenex and come on in!

This file contains some 348,242 individuals and 120,259 marriages that have been compiled since 1962 by logging thousands of miles, using the tool called phone, visiting with various individuals and picking their brains for information, digging through all sorts of records such as family bibles, pictures, obituaries, school documents, church records, cemeteries, libraries, courthouses, trunks, closets, shoe boxes full of family data, paper bags with "almost discarded goodies", Internet, web sites, family reunions, and sharing stories and data with close as well as distant relatives. [They crop up in the most unlikely places]

Not all the folks listed in this database are our ancestors.....some are kin of in-laws, distant cousins' ancestors, etc., but they all connect in some way, comprising the giant puzzle called FAMILY TREE.

We are most grateful for the kind people who have either given us valuable data from their own personal knowledge, files/records, or who have posted such information onto a variety of excellent web pages.

It takes us "live ones" to find out about our kindred dead, and allows us to meet more cousins along the way.

Hopefully this site will permit others to enjoy and supplement our own information and data, but, it should be understood that as hard as we try to insure accuracy, the possibility for errors still exists, as all information has not been verified and should only be used as a good starting point for further research.

Please feel free to contact us to report errors....suspected or otherwise, so we can make the necessary revisions.

The information and data supplied herein is not intended to offend or embarrass anyone, but merely to carry on our family legacies.

After all


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