Selected Families and Individuals


Martha Ann HOLT

1.  Alternate date & place of death per The New Family Search:    1910 Pine Knot, Kentucky

2,  Twelve children listed by The New Family Search.

Calvin Roger HOLT

1.  Ten or Eleven children....The New Family Search.

Lucinda HOLT

1.  The New Family Search gives bout fifteen kids with David.

Henry H. HOLT

1.  The New Family Search give 15-20 kids (possibly some duplicates)

Martha HOLT

1.  The New Family Search give about 20 children.

Drury HOLT "Jr"

1.  Lot of kids listed on The New Family Search.


1.  This is speculation that James McCravey age 25 listed on the 1860 U.S. Census who was in the household of Alex & Joana was brother to Mary.