Selected Families and Individuals


Gayland Kent JONES

1.  Alternate date & place of birth:  12 Oct 1954, Ada, Pontotoc, Oklahoma.

2.  Gayland was in the Army Corp. 12th & Oklahoma 45th Medical.

Shane O'Dell JONES

1.  e-mail:

Jeremiah K. JONES

1.  Jeremiah K.  & Janeva I. Jones
    4712 Leslie Drive
    Del City, Oklahoma 73115


3.  Had a very nice visit with Jeremiah on 22 Aug 2010 over the phone.  He was interested in finding out more about his direct family, so, I will be sending a disc to him shortly giving him a "head-start" in his research for his ancestors.


1.  Janeva had the twins but lost them...

Delbert E. MELTON

1.  Most likely was a WWII war casualty.