Selected Families and Individuals


Mary "Polly" MORGAN

1.  Six children.


1.  Joined the Baptist Church 6 Sep 1828.

Mariah Ann MORGAN

1.  Nine children with John Vickers Cartgledge.

Rev. Richard E. PACE

1.  Rev. Richard Pace was the Pastor of Mount Zion Baptist Church in Alexandria, Alabama from 1838 to 1853.

2.  Source:  Rnny Brannon e-mail of 17 Aug 2010.


1.  Amy's grave is in the garden of their former home....Pace Cemetery is located about one mile from Mount Zion Baptist Church.

Hezekiah BUSSEY "Sr"

1.  Hezekiah served as a private in the Georgia Troops of the American Revolution in Georgia under General  Elijah Clarke, and received bounty land along Richland Creek & Otonee River in Washington County, Georgia for his service.  From Houston Foster:   As a Rev. War Sol, Hezekiah Bussey received 250 acrews for his serice.  Later Hezekiah and Amy sold 287-1/2 acres.   Wondered why the two were different if it was the same person.  Then it was determined that the original law was that privates would receive 250 acres tax free for 10 years, the law was changed taking away the tax free feature and giving an additional 15% of land instead.  Thus he really was awarded 287-1/2 acres.

2.  His will is dated March 2, 1796 was recorded 10 Nov 1796 and his wife Amy, son david, and John Edwards are listed as executors.


1.  David Bussey, her son, is listed as Executor for Amy Bussy in Lincoln County, Georgia Tax List.

2.  Thomas Hendley (Henley) Bussey Bible---has Amey Sullivan as the wife of Hezekiah Bussey, but it has no datge of marriage.  
3.  The Bussey Family Genealogy, "1979" , Lynn Bussey Guittard has Amy Flemming as the wife of Hezekiah Bussey and the date of the marriage as ca. 1768-70.

4.  Several sources give the name as Amey Flemng daugher of Robert S. Fleming b. 1724 in Pennsylvania d. 1790 Franklin, Georgia & Margaret Fisher b. 1724 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania d. 1799 York, South Carolina.  Their dates of birth etc. doesn't quite seem to fit.

Evan Getzen MORGAN

Will of Evan Morgan

In the Name of God Amen.  Being in my comon sences & sound Memory I make this my last will and testament April the seventgeenth Day in the year of our Lord one thousand Seven Hunded & Ninty eight.  I Evan Morgan do give and Bequeath unto my children all my Person property after commiting my soul to God, and my Body to be Desently ?Buried Paying all my Lawful Debts & Funeal charges --

1.  I leave and bequeath to my daughter Rachal a Negro Wench named Nan, also one Negro garl named Milley, to her & her heirs after her dissease 2. all my stock of cattle withj all the house hold goods and furniture.

2.  I leave and bequeath to my son Enos Two Hundren acres of land wheare on he now lives, also one Negro Wench named Jean. ---

3.  I leave and bequeath to my son Abiah one hundred acres of land, also a Negro Fellow Named Dick.

4.  I leave and bequeath to my son Ozias one hundred acres of land, also Negro Fellow Named Will; ---

5.  I leave and bequeath to my Daughter Olive one Negro Wench named Clonee (?)  also one Negro Garl named Jean.

6.  I leave and bequeath to my son Eli one Hundred and fifty acres of land.  By giving Rachal Fifty acres during her life whearre the Dwilling  House Now Stands also one Negro Boy Names Kitt also one gray mare & colt, also one cow and yearling.

7.  I also leave and bequeath to my Gran Daughter Fanney five pounds starling to be paid out Ozias part when the sd child comes to age, --

I also will that my several Hiers Jointly pays for Eli schooling one year.  I will that this ---- being my last will nd Testamony that it stand in Full as witness my hand & seal.

Wit Vincent Cox (Seal) John Stringer Ludroook Lee