Selected Families and Individuals


Melinda Elizabeth ROBERTS

1.  Virginia Campbell, a descendant of Malinda Roberts, a sister to Amos Pleasant Roberts Sr. has a large amount of informatin about descendants of Malinda and her husband, Roland Watkins, of Tusaloosa and Fayette Counties, Alabama.

Darrel TEEL

1.  Darrel lives with a friend Laura Horning.

Ephraim Greene BARKER

1.  Occupation:  Farmer

James Warren BRANNON

1.  He was the youngest of ten childen, eight sisters and one brother.

2.  Farmer who owned a farm in Bells Mill, but, after river bottom crop failures due to frequent flooding they sold the farm and moved to Iron City, Calhoun, Alabama.  Lauretta Jane Jones moved with them.

3.  In February 1902, James Warren became ill.  A doctor was called in and diagnosed appendicitis.  Surgery was performed but it was too late to be successful.  He died February 19, 190 leaving a widow, seven children, ages four to nineteen, and a mother-in-law to mourn their loss.

Col. Renwick Wallace BRANNON "Sr"

1.  Enlisted in WW II 7 Jan 1941 in Alabama