Selected Families and Individuals


Woodson Winfield Hancock ROBERTS

1.  In January of  1888 Woodson and Jennie moved to the Crim place East of Sunset on Pittman Hallow.  The house was one large room about eighteen feet square and about twelve feet from main room was a log room with a roof over the walk from room to room.  They used the small room for the kitchen.

2.  Woodson and Jennie bought the Roberts homeplace and moved there.

3.  In the Fall of 1900 Woodson bought a two story house at Salona and moved into it.   There was a nice orchard, berry patch garden, lots, and a small barn and good sheds.

4.  Living there they were near a two-teacher school, a doctor, Sunday School and church.   Jennie's parents were not very well.  Her Grandmother Teater lived with them and she was in bed sick.

5.  Photo of Woodson Roberts and family members, 1930 Bowie, Montague, Texas:  L-R Woodson, Matilda Jane Park, Sarah Clorvina, Maye Ridgway, Edwin, Jessie Etta, Beula Lee Roberts, Bertha Kate Aston & Mary Bernice

Matilda Jane "Jennie" PARK

1.  Red headed...clear complexion...was a daddy's girl.

2.  The first two children were from another relationship...or prior to the marriage to Woodson

3.  Jennie was about to go blind, but, had cataract surgery....she could see again.

4.  After Woodson died, Jennie lived with Jessie from 1943 until she died 23 Nov 1954.

Bertha Zella ROBERTS

1.  Red headed & curley

2.  Bertha learned to play the organ.  The family would gather around the organ and sing.

James Poston ASTON

1.  Poston and Vina lived near Salona several years then lived near Poston's parents who were in bad health.

2.  They moved to Criner, Oklahoma where Poston was pastor of the Methodist Chuch.  They moved to Walters onto a farm.

Sarah Glorvina "Vina" ROBERTS

1.  Black hair.

Marriage Notes for James Poston Aston and Sarah Glorvina "Vina" ROBERTS-201881

1.  James drove his buggy pulled by two bay horses to get Vina.  They drove to Denton Creek Bridge.  George and Bertha Roberts went with them and at the bridge they met Andrew and Eva Aston.  Eva got into the buggy with George and Bertha got into the buggy with Andrew.  Cliff Edwards and Pearl Brigance and also a Methodist minister met them at the bridge.

2.  The Rev. Wistler married Poston & Vina as they sat in the buggy.  Vina wore a beautiful white silk dress and a white hat.  Poston wore a black suit.

Woodson Edgar ROBERTS

1.  Edgar had trouble breathing.  The doctor found he had enlarged tonsils and adinoids and should be removed.  So, Woodson, Edgar, and Dr. Clark got on the train and went to Ft. Worth for the operation.


1.  Edna's parents died while she was a child.

2.  She lived with different brothers and sisters before she married.