Selected Families and Individuals


Frank Brooke BREGA

1.  Frank claimed large sections of Nebraska land in the 19th century.

2.  He was prominent in business circles and was active in the political life of Custer County and Nebraska, being one of the best known men in the region.   

3.  He was a speaker of rae ability and power and often made speeches and addresses in other states.  His death occurred whiloe making a political speech at a banquet in New Mexico, whither he had gone for his health, in 1883.

4.  Being an early pioneer in the West, Frank B. undoubtably taught the boys their reading, writing, and arithmetic.

Charlotte Emily BIRDSALL

1.  Mrs. Brega managd to give her three girls "proper schooling".   About 1882 she took Chafrlotte Anne, Maud, Louise, and two of her sons in a covered wagon to Denver, Colorado.  She bought a hotel and also started an employment agency in downtown Denver, the latter furnishing help for the Fred Harvey System.   Charlotte Ann and Maud both attended a Baptist Seminary, while Louise went to Sacred Heart, a private school at Black Hawk near Denver.   After Charlotte Ann and Louise left home, Mrs. Brega moved to Kansas City, Missouri, to be near the Bregas lving there, again operating a hotel and an employment office.

2.  Alternate year of death:  1901/1902 in home of her son, Richard.


1.   Maud was the family "beauty" died at age 15 in Denver.

Franz Seigel DOLPH

1.  Franz & Charlotte Anne lived on a farm near Callaway or Broken Bow, Nebraska, until after Charlotte Emily was born;  then about 1894 they moved to Saccoxie Twp., Jeffefrson County, Kansas.   Frans settled in McLough and bought a farm about 1895.  The eldest children, Edward, Frank, Hazel, Blanche nd Charlotte, attended the Wellman Schook, built in 1887 on Wellman Road and used until 1951.

2.  About 1920 Franz S. moved his family to Lawrence, in 1925 to Wichita, Kansas, and finally to Kansas City, Missouri.  

3.  Sometime during the '20s, he demonstrated his carpenter skills by building his large two-story eight room and bath house.

4.  Occupations:  Cowboy, Farmer, & Carpenter

Collins KEMPER

1.  Collin Kemper was a very successful Broadway producer who produced at least one of the shows in which Louisa performed.

Louise "Fannie" BREGA

1.  The beautiful Louise was an actress and performed on Broadway under the name "Hope Latham", but also appears to have had the unfortunate, but at the time popular, nickname of "Fannie".

Solomon Brooke BREGA "Jr"

1.  Occupation:  1835 Solomon Brega was a printer & publisher in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.  (Journal & Express)

George Washington BREGA

1.  George Washington Brega was a correspondent from Washington DC for the New York Herald and later a lobbyist for the Canadian government.

Charlotte Jane WALBRIDGE

1.  Some sources say the name was Charlotte ans Walbridge....Family Trees gives maiden name as Everett

Rev. Everett Miron PANNELL

1,  Everett was a Baptist preacher at the First Baptist Church of Ada, Oklahoma. or Cathy wrote that he ministered at Oak Avenue Baptist Church in Ada and that he was a Mason.

Mildred Juanita COX

1.  Mildred & Everett had several sons.


1.  Marriage license to Obert Hayes was 10-6273-422.   

1,  Fon & Everett divorced in 1937 when Betty Jo Pannell was 9 years old.  

2,  Fon dated a man by the name of Halsell in the summer of 1959...she never married him.

3.  It is reported that she moved in with a full blood Seminole Indian named Jack Walters.

4.  Fon went out  to Chandler, Phoenix to visit Eleanor Haskins, where she met Buizz Busby and moved in with him in Phoeniz, Arizona.  She stayed with him 20 years but they never married.

5.  Mary Fawn's daughter Betty said "Fon" is the correct spelling...A couple more names are floating around...such as "Fawn",   Mary Fawn Busby Roberts.

6.  In the early 1980's she required care and went back to Oklahoma, to her daughter, Betty Jo.  She was moved to a nursing home in Jones, Oklahoma, Oklahoma.  

7.  Mary Fon had both legs amputated from diabetes...

James Andrew PANNELL

1.  He was often called Elder James