Selected Families and Individuals


Leverett NORRIS

1.  Farmer & Merchant of Farmington, Ohio

Rev. Edward Julius HAYES "Jr"

1.  Ordained to the Ministry 1873 in Allegheny Conference (Wesleyan Methodist), Delegate to Gen. Conf. 1879, Pres. of Allegheny Conf. 1882, Evangelist 1883, resided Middlefield.

Alonzo COOK

1.  Farmer

Ezekiel HAYES

1.  Education:  Yale

2.  Occupation:  Printer

Annie Elizabeth HAYES

1.  Unmarried

William Bills HAYES

1.  Resided in New Haven, Connecticut in 1883

Mary Johnson HAYES

1.  Unmarried

William Townsend HAYES

1.  Unmarried