Selected Families and Individuals


James Arthur SORDEN

1.  SS No. 518-20-6691 issued in Idaho

2.  Residence:  Belleville, Saint Clair, Illinois - 62226

Jesse Alvin SORDEN

1.  SS No. 495-30-2231 issued in Missouri

2.  Residence:  Mayview, Lafayette, Missouri - 64071

Lewis Hanner EDWARDS

1.  Lewis was a retired carpenter and farmer and owned a small general store for a short time.  He was issued a Social Security Card in Arkansas.

2.  Jasper County News, April 18, 1968.

    Monday during the noon hour Louis H. Edwards was stunned when he answered a knock at his door and found hs brother, Harry H. Edwards, standing here.   According to information received about five or six years ago, Louis Edwards believed his brother H. H. had been killed in an automobile accident in Kansas.  The report certainly was proved erroneous Monday.  
     H. H. Edwards left Jasper about thirty years ago and had been living in Kansas City and Sedalia since that time.
     The last time the brothers had seen each other was about seven years ago, when Louis Edwards had a fruit stand in the Hardenbrook building on highway 71 and his brother drove up.  Until that time they hadn't seen each other for some twenty years.

3.  Lewis Edwards, 70 years old, Jasper, died at 5 o'clock Monday morning in the state sanatorium, Mt. Vernon.

4.  It is reported that he was an inventor:  (1)  patented a heel which could be takenoff and put on at will.  His friends gave him the $10,000 for the patent.  (2)  Perpetual motion.  Lewis said he got it right and it will develop power.  He guarded this invention very closely.  He said this has puzzled man for the last century.

Charles William EDWARDS

1.  Charles died of due to acute cerebral spinal Meningitis following a case of the Measles.