Selected Families and Individuals



1.  Arleigh Williams reports that his mother, Ava, moved with the family at a very early age to Billings, Montana and attended grade school and high school at Billings High until her junior year.   At that point her father, Henry Stanley Mendenhall abandoned the family in favor of a "redhead" and forced my mother to drop out of school and obtain work to help support her mother.  They operated a boarding house for a while and she worked at the Snook Art Company and Hart-Albin Company sp, to make ends meet.   She eventually married a man named Harry Otto Warner who was in charge of the local Cadillac agency in Billings, but he died at some point early on and they had no children.  

2.  Ava & her mothe Vollie came to California sometime in the 1930's where she worked at a jwelry store in Compton named Kerr's Jewelers.  

3.  She met and eventually married  Ray Lawrence Williams.


1.  As of 2010 Gilbert is living in Torrance, California