Selected Families and Individuals


Patricia Jean WALTERS

1.  Patricia taught school for 13 years and then sold real estate.

John Terrill WALTERS "II"

1.  John is the manager of the Bridlewood Thorobred Horse Farm, Ocala, Florida.

Pamela Kay WALTERS

1.  Pam's occupation:  School Teacher

Kasey Lynn WALTERS

1.  Question:  Was Kasey's daughter Jordan fathered by Bell, Walters, or Gerberr?

Ethel Louise SPEARS

1.  Ethel lives in Kansas City, Missouri...

2.  She is Dean of Community College System, and she holds BS, MS, & Phd Degrees...

3.  She is an author:  Her first book is a work of fiction, taking place in the Arkansas Ozarks, where she was born , and is based on the long-hidden memoirs of her grandfather, a fiercely independent Arkansas pioneer, Captain Pleasant Houston Spears, who fought on the Union side against his own brothers.  It is the story of a hard headed man and his high-spirited wife, whose character is based on the authors' grandmother.   Two books were for career women:  "Cinderella Doesn't Work Her Anymore" & "Techniques School Should  Have Taught You About Working With Men and Other Women".   Her third book, "Retire to Fun and Freedom" with co-author Cavett Robert) was published in 1988 by Warner Books.

Herbert Eugne HERN

1.  Herbert retired from the U. S. Air Force


1.  Gene is a physician in California as of 8 Feb 2001.

Robert "Bob" BYNUM

1.  Bobbie lives in Sand Springs, Oklahoma.


1.  Occupation:  Teacher

2.  Living in Sand Springs, Oklahoma

Phillip PARKS

1.  Occupation:  School Teacher and bus driver.

2.  Phillip was killed in a car wreck in 1998.


1.  Dee Ann is a retired school teacher.

David ERB

1.  Occupation:  Retired Salesman
                         Now owns his own business

2.  Living in Fort Gibson, Oklahoma

Susan Kay BYNUM

1.  Susan is a retired school teacher..

2.  She & David lives in Fort Gibson, Oklahoma.

Tiffany Jean ERB

1.  Occupation:  Office Manager

2.  Living in Muskogee, Oklahoma