Selected Families and Individuals



Ian is a fireman for Texarkana, Texas.

Paula Jennell CUNNON

Paula is a baptist.

Shannon Crystal BARTLETT

Shannon is a baptist.

Shannon Crystal BARTLETT

Shannon is a baptist.

David Jerry BARTLETT

David is a baptist.

Daniel Michael BARTLETT

1.  U. C. L. A. graduate and is director of purchasing for California Sales, Inc, Los Angeles, California.

2.  Church - Protestant faith.

Mary Alison BARTLETT

2004 - Freshman at the University of California, Santa Barbara,California.  She is studying medicine.

Bruce Edward BARTLETT

1.  Education - High School.

2.  Occupation - Railroad Equipment and retired with disability.

3.  2004 - Attending Reedley College, getting his teachers certificate.

Joshiah Benjamin BARTLETT

2004 -  High School education.  Church - Protestant.  Occupation: Brickmason.

Kelli Nicole BARTLETT

2004 - Junior in high school.


1.  Education - High School.   She is Assistant Vice President of Greater Bay Bank, Carmel, California.

2.  Church - Protestant.


Education - Monterey Peninsula College.  He is a catholic.  2004 - He isemployed at Lemore Naval Air Station, Lemore, California.

Keefe Patrick BRENNAN

Education - High School.  He is a catholic.