Selected Families and Individuals


Wesley F. LEE

1.  Another source, One World Tree,  lists name as John W. Lee.

1920 Residence Headrick, Jackson, Oklahoma age 20

1930 Residence Dexter, Chaves, New Mexico age 30

Viola S. LEE

1920 Residence:  Headrick, Jackson, Oklahoma

1930 Residence:  Dexter, Chaves, New Mexico

Luther C. LEE

1930 Residence:  Dexter, Chaves, New Mexico

Onzle A. LEE

1930 Residence:  Dexter, Chaves, New Mexcio age 8

6 Nov 1942 Residence:  Oklahoma - US WWI Army Enlistment 1938 - 1946

Grace W. LEE

1.  SSN 525-896-9281 NM


1.  SSN 585-12-02223

Marshall HILEMAN

SSN 525-42-8687 NM Bef 1951


SSN 525-58-0080 NM

Anna Joyce HILEMAN

1.  SSN 585-17-8826 NM 1975

2.  Obituaries published in Portales, Clovis, & Tucumcari newspaper with following names mentioned:  Layy Dwayne Hileman, Jim Hileman, Hayden Reeves, Rusty Davis, Tyler McCoy, Tanner Morton, Wade Davis, Pat Johnson, Jamie Morton, James Polk Hileman, Lindsey Hileman, Rick Johnson, Collin Reeves, Chesley West, Ted C. Bailey, Spencer Morton, Mike Reeves, George, Kenneth & Martye of Sacramento Hilman, Kendra Hileman; Lena May Halter, Joe Martinez, Nellie Montgomery West, Travis West, Sheridan Hileman, Glenda Clovis, Charles Petty, Sheridan Hileman.

3.  Places mentioned in Obituaries:  Elgin, Oklahoma; Clovis, NM & California

Emmett "Bud" DAVIS

1.  SSN 525-036-0859 issued in New Mexico


1.  Served in the Civil War - Confederte - Sgt - Company "I" 4th Regiment Missouri Cavalry.  He was exchanged prisioner 25 Feb 1865 Red River Landing, Louisiana