Selected Families and Individuals


Dolores Jean "Doti" HUGHES

1.  Delores & Darrell live in Jenks, Tulsa, Oklahoma

2.  Killed in auto accident

Doris Birdelle CROW

1.  Doris is TWIN to Dorothy

Glendell PASLEY

1.  Glendell & Kenneth currently live in Skiatook, Tulsa/Osage County Line, Oklahoma

Marion CROW

1.  Marion served in the Army for 30 years and was held as a prisoner of ward in WWI by the Japanese for over one year.


1.  Butch (real name unknown) was raised for a few years by Dorothy and Chester Roberts before going bacvk to live with his mother, who would not allow Dorothy and Chester to adopt him.


1.  Tommy was bequeathed all of Marion's property (hog farm and house) upon his death.

Russell Clark "Sonny" HUGHES

1.  Sonny served in the Korean War.

2.  Education:  Went to college at Tallequah, where he died in a car accident.

William BARKER "Sr"

1.  William was the overseer of the poor in Greene County