Selected Families and Individuals


Ernest Logan JOHNSON

1.  Education:  Received his Bachelor of Education Degree in 1940 from Eastern Illinois State Teacher's College, Charleston, Illinois.

2.  He was commissioned Lieutenant in the U. S.Navy Reserve and served in World War II.

3.  Ernest & Mildred had a beautiful home in Olney, Illinois.

4.  They assisted in managing the Double-R Hatchery and several farms in Illinois.

5.  Ernest was a top agriculturist and respected by all who knew him.

Mildred Josephine JARED

1.  Education:  B. S. Degree in Journalism at University of Illinois in 1935.

Frank Simpson BOWER

1.  Education:  Graduate from Sr. Salsbury's Veterinary School in Charles City, Iowa, in 1936.

2.  Besides his interests in Double-R Hatcheries he originated the Bowers Mills.

Milfreda Louella JARED

1.  Education:  Graduate of University of Illinois at Urbana and taught school five years before her marriage and did some more teaching later.

Jacqueline EATON

1.  Jacqueline was a member of the Dance Masters of America and taught Jackie's School of Dance for 7 years.


1.  Eula was a foster daughter.