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Robert Payne JARED

1.  This branch of the Jared family pioneered in the Northwest.  Robert moved to Washington from Tennesse about 1880.  He, with two brothers, built a store at Jared, Washington along the Pen Orielle River.
     Before the railroad came to the area the valley could be traversed only by water.  This was done by steam boats.   When the railroad came the sign, "Jared" was painted on the deport, thus, the town was named.

2.  Mallia Jared (Mrs. Andrew Fountain Sadler) of Seattle, Washington, writes:
     My family lived in Texas nine years, having come there from Tennessee where I was born.  From Texas we came to Spokane, Washington in 1886 vis train.  We moved to Kalispell Valley the next year.  This was about 70 miles North of Spokane and we traveled part of the way by wagon.  When the road ran out we put the luggage on the horses and walked the rest of the way.  There were only four or five families in the Kalispell Valley at this time.   We built a one-room log cabin that fall, and the next summer we built onto the cabin.  There were six in our family.

    There were many Indians and they were not unfriendly.  There was goood hunting and fishing.  We lived in the Valley all our lives until my husband and I and our two daughters came to Seattle in 1922.

3.  Under date of March 20, 1961, Lester Jared of Seattle, grandson of Robet Payne Jared added to the story:

    Robert Payne Jared at 19 enlisted in the rebellion for three years.  Following the war he went to Ft. Henry and in 1876 to Texas and later to Spokane, Washington.  April 1866 R. P. Jared married Martha (Denton) Campbell native of Tennessee.  Robert Payne was the first census taker, the second assessor, the firt Justice of the Peace, a Democat.  He died in 1921.

4.  Jack Jared of Weippi, Idaho, a brother of Lester, wrote:

    My grandfather fought for the North during the Civil War.  My grandmother was for the South.  During the war some Union soldiers camped at my grandmother's home.  After they moved on she was outside looking around and found a sack of Union money.  Their bonfire was still burning so she kicked the money into the fire.  She was so sure the South was going to win and the money would be not good.

5.  Esther Jared, wife of Emmett Jared wrote from Greenacres (near Spokane) April 11, 1961:

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Payne Jared homesteaded at Usk, Washington then moved to Basburg where Grandfather bought a store.  They moved from Basburg and settled on the banks of the Pend Oreille River where they built a store and post office (Trading Post).  It was know as Jared Store.  When the map of Washington was made it was called Jared.  It is till standing today.

    The only means of transportation was by an old paddle wheel steamer and pack horses.  

    The pages from an old ledger were found in Grandfather's trunk after he died.  He brought them from the South.  These pages dating from 1842, the year of William Jared's birth, are interesting in that they establish a chain of frontier stores beginning the the one owned by John Jared wagon maker in Loudoun County, Virginia, and extending to the raw new settlement on he Pend Oreille River in Washington state owned by the fourth generation of Jared's

6.   Actually the first letter that came from this branch of the family was from Pearl Jared Snow of Cusick under date of Feb ruary 15, 1961.  She says:   My father, John Madison Jared, died at the age of 48 and left my mother with six boys and four girls to raise.  She never remarried and died in 1954.  William Jared (brother of John Madison) died of cancer and Thomas Durgan Jared (another brother) was burned up in the house that he built and had lived in when he was first married.  His wife died at the age of 21 and he never remarried.

Lauren JARED

1.  Lauren never married

Melvin Ray "Mel" ARMSTRONG

1.   Social Security Death Index:   SSN 517-07-6865

Myrtle May JARED

1.  Alternate possible place of birth:  Pend Oreillo County, Washington.

Marriage Notes for Melvin Ray "Mel" Armstrong and Myrtle May JARED-94031

1.  There are no known records of any marriage of Myrtle & Melvin Ray Armstrong even thoough it is know that they did live together for several years.


1.  Jack & Virginia lived in a small logging town of Weippe where he worked in the woods.