Selected Families and Individuals


James Cullen LEE

1.  James was a farmer most of his life but once taught in a subscription school.  He was a naturalist and sportsman and kept his interest in fishing and hunting to the end of his life.

2.  He always gave his regular Thanksgiving and Christmas gifts in the form of a wild turkey.

Pearl Lilath LEE

1.  Occupation:  Teacher

2.  She took the lead in caring for others as well as herself.

3.  She was leaving Church one evening when she fell with a heart attack and died.

James Harvey ROBINETT "Jr"

1.  For some background matrerial on James Harvey's family see Felix Hickerson's book, "Happy Valley".


1.  Golda never married

Paul McDonald ROBINETT

1.  Education:  Attended Harvard University and University of Paris.

2.  He served in World War I and attained the rank of Major.

3.  He was selected as a member of the Olympic Equestrian Team of 1924 and competed in many international horse shows.

4.  He designed the officer's dispatch case that was adopted and later used as standard equipment in World War II.

5.  He served on some of the most important military committees during World War II, and attained the rank of Brigadier General.  He served in North Africa and commanded the troops that led to the German surrender at Kasserine Pass.  German General Field Marshall Kesselring has written that "loss of Tunis and Stalingrad turned the war against us and Field Marshall Rommel thought Africa was lost by his defeat at Kasserine".  General Robinett rallied several hard pressed units, deployed them skillfully to take advantaage of fields of fire, and stopped and defeated Rommel's drive aimed at the desruction of the American II Corps and the British First Army.  For his actions in the battle he received the Distinguished Service Medal.  He was hit by a tank shell fragment on May 5, 1943 and was hospitalized until March 1944.  He was made Commandant, The Armored School, Ft. Knox, Kentucky, where he remained on limited duty status until the end of the war.  He was retired because of his injuries in September 1946.

6.  Paul was a delegate at large from Missouri to the Republican National Convention of 1948.  From 1948-1957, he wqs Chief of the Special Studies Division, Office of Military History, Department of the Army, Washington, D. C.   He was awarded a John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship and was decorated by the United States, France, Brazil and Tunisia.  

7.  He is listed in Who's Who, editions from 1946.

8.  Paul never married.

Benjamin PERRY

1.  Benjamin never married


1.  Dollie died without issue

Albert Ellis "Bert" SALSMAN

1.  Bert never married