Selected Families and Individuals


William Thomas HAYES

1.  It has been reported that William had been married five times, but, no proof.

Stith Hayes HAYES

1,  Stith Hayes was born before 1730, was living in Amelia County, Virginia in 1751 when he with Henry Hayes witnessed deed for Richard, probably their brother.

William HAYES

1.  William Hayes was born before 1730.

2.  He was associated with Stephen Beasley of Chesterfield in the survey of 400 acres in Amilia, part of which was bought by Richard Hayes from said Beasley in 1751.


1.  Mary left a will that was probated in Amelia County, Virginia in 1789;  naming her brother Henry Hayes, her brotehr Richard Hayes and his son James, and Katharinea White daughter of Martha White.

Notley B. MADDOX

1.  May be Notley Warren Maddox

James Patrick HAYES

1.  Ward H. Oliver reports alternate date of marriage:  30 Jun 1785

2.  James went to Clark County, Georgia in 1804, taking Richard with him.

3.  James moved to Conecuh County, Alabama in 1819.  He as well as Mary Rakestraw [mother-in-law] is mentioned as early settler of Burnt Corn, a community on the county line adjoining Monroe County.  He is mentioned as Captain Hayes in Reily's "History of Conecuh County".  He had over a thousand acres there, which he sold and moved to what became Lowndes County in 1830, but was part of Dallas County at the time.  It was said that he died 1828, Lowndes County, Alabama, which, is probably not right if the earlier account is correct.

4.  He died intestate.

5.  Some of his children are named in a suit from Digest of Cases to Alabama Supreme Cout, Vol. 7 p. 105, 1836.

Martha "Patsy" GRIGG

1.  Alternate date of marriage:  30 Jun 1785

2.  It was reported that Martha died in 1789, which, would mean that the children born after that would have a different mother.

Patrick W. HAYES

1.  Talladega County, Alabama Will Book A, pp 1 & 2
Patrick W. Hayes

The State of Alabama Last Will & Testament Lowndes County

In the name of Almighty god Amen knowing that it is appointed for men to die I do make this my last Will and Testament (Viz)  That my boddy should be burried in a christian lie manner and committed by funeral Services to appear Insurrected at the Judgement bvar of Almight God.

It is my last wish that my dear and affectionate wife Martha B. Hayes should choose and select such persons as she may chose to assist her in the management of property, and that she with these assistants is impowered to convey any lands or tenancies that I may own or that I have sold , and that my wife Martha shall have the use and management of all my real and personal property, so long as she may live single, and as our children becomes of age, that my dear and affectionate wife Martha shall make such distribution to our children as she may think in her own opinion as best.  But it is my wish that seperately and distinctly from my other children, that our daughter Mary White should have three hundred dollars out of my real or personal Estate.  And it is my further wish that our son, Patrick Henry Hayes should of my real or personal Estate have one thousand dollars, to be applied for his Education.  And it is my further wish that should my wife marry, that she should have one third of my Estate and that that one third with the interest and increase should be returned to our children that is to say John L. Hayes, Martha Ann Eliz. Hayes, Mary W. Hayes, James Parsons Hayes, Cathrine Grigg Hayes, Elizabeth Cole Hayes, Patrick Henry Hayes, and Sarah Gains Hayes.
                                                                                   Patrick W. Hayes SS
Welter Drane
William Cole

The State of Alabama, Taladega County eresonally appeared before me Greet t. McAfee Judge of the County Court aforesaid, William Cole and says on oath that he saw Patrick W. Hayes whose name is subscribed to the annexed will, in sound mind &memory Sign Seal & acknowledge the sd instrument to be his last Will & Testament for the purposes contained and in the manner expressed therein and this affiant further states, that he sub scribed his name to this will as a witness in the presence of the sd Testator and in the presence of Walter Drane, the other subscribing Witness.

Sworn & Subscribed this 22nd day of April AD 1833 before me                                  William Cole
G. T. McAfee   Judge of the County Court of the County of Taladega
                          Registered this 30th day of Jul AD 1833
                                                                                             William Cole

2.  Dallas County, Alabama Will Book B, p-331