Selected Families and Individuals


Burgess Sylvester "Cotton" HAYES

1.  Cotton was a 32nd Degree Mason...

2.  He lived at 118 Argentine Street, Bartonville, Peoria, Illinois.


1.  Floyd lived at Sand Springs, Oklahoma.  (This was most likely the smaller community out NW of Weleetka toward Okemah.  

2.   Most of the Hayes were from there and this writer, Earl L. Jones, was born there instead of Okemah as shown on his birth certificate.

Charley HAYES

1.  Charley & Eva lived in Toledo, Ohio...

2.  They adopted her sister's daughter Jacque Lea.

Jacque Lee HAYES

1.  Jacque Lee was biological daughter of Eva Lennox's sister, but Charley & Eva adopted her.

Claude HAYES

1.  Claude was a TWIN to his sister Maude.


1.  Maude was a TWIN to her brother Claude.


1.  Ralph was Cousin to H. J. Denton...

Mary Ann "Nevada" CRANE

1.  Nevada was a cousin to H. J. Denton...