Selected Families and Individuals


Marion Enoch WALLACE

1.  Last residence, Chadron, Dawes, Nebraska....SSN 507-10-9336.

Arthur Prescott ROSE

1.  Plumbing & Heating Contractor

Andrew Lester "Andy" HAYES

1.  Andy is an Auto Mechanic Teacher...

Andrew Lester "Andy" HAYES

1.  Andy is an Auto Mechanic Teacher...

Andrew Lester "Andy" HAYES

1.  Andy is an Auto Mechanic Teacher...

Robert "Bob" HAYES

Bob has a Fishing Tool Operation...

Arthur Earl RICHARDS

1.  Earl is Senior Maintenance Engineer for Chevron Oil...


1.  Information from Don Hayes....e-mail 4 Feb 2005 1.23 PM

    Gail's Mum and Dad divorced 40 years ago.  (Gail's stepdad died two years ago).  John, now widowed and living in France for 20 years, made contact with Gail's Mum just before Christmas.  Well, he has just been over for a week.  Staying at a bed and breakfast near Daphne, he and Daphne drove down and we had a meal and the afternoon together.  He is now 79 but very active and we had a pleasant  time.  I approved of him.  More importantly Gail and her Mum and Gail's brother got on well with John and felt comfortable, and so it looks as if there will be more and friendly contact.

    Gail has now had time to get used to the idea and sort out her emotions.  As for me, I could see some similarities to Dad and my situation.  John wishes he had done things differently and is sad he missed the growing up of his children and grandchildren.  He brought up two children that were not his own and did not do the same for Gail and Mark (Gail's brother).  Anyway, much to me surprise, Daphne seems now (she was not happy at first contact) to be very comfortable with his re-appearance and his company.  She is flying out in March to Bergerace in South of France and he lives some 15 miles from there in the country.  Gail wants us to try and go over, perhaps for a week-end at the end of Summer.  Anyway, a new beginning.

    You will also be interested that as his mother was French this makes the Girls:  25 percent American.  15 percent Jewish.  12.5 percent French and ....37.5 percent English!!