Selected Families and Individuals



1.  Samuel went to Quebec in 1817, settling in Prescott, Ontario, Canada, and died there in 1833 at ages 32.

2.  A recent mention of Samuel in the Hollingsworth Register shows Samuel being confirmed at the Church of Ferns on October 5t, 1821 by Robert Lord Bishop of ferns.  So, he could not have left for Quebec until after 1821.


1.  In Thomas's will dated 24 Mar 1858 he mentions his living sons Nicholas, Freederfick, Sameul and wife Alice.  All the other brothers and sisters died young.

2.  Thomas was confirmed in the Church of Ferns on the 5th day of October 1821 at the age of 17, by Robert Lord Bishop of Ferns.

3.  He was raised in Ballycanew and became a shopkeeper with a fine accommodation selling wine and spirituous liquors.


1.  Edward died upon arrival in Canada by a gas stove.


1.  The family house was two stories, slated roof, and stone built, not in bad repair.  In later years the house was divided into two parts so two families could occupy it.   No. graves or plates on the house are known to have existed.

2.  Ad in the Gorey Correspondent Newspaper:   Sat. March 23, 1861, Column 4:  "FOR SALE -- A serviceable Mare, now Five years old, trained to all kinds of farming work, or would make a first-rate poster, to be seen at J. Hollingsworth of Ballinakill".


1.  The Whitneys were known to have lost a number of famly members in the Scullabogue Barn fire and the remains of the victims were buried in the Old Ross Cemetery.


1.  New York Port arrival Record of Frederick Hollingsworth in America: Frederick Hollingsworth 24, Private Gentleman;  Ireland to U.S.S. Brig "William", from Dublin, Ireland, July 20, 1829, Richard Keating Jr., the Master.  169 tons List #163, Cargo wss salt and raisins, to Locke Keating, J. McBride, G. Mackie Co., 62 passengers, and the trip took 49 day from Dublin.

2.  Residence on 2 Jun 1840, Winnebago, Illinois.

Catherine TYLER

1.  Katherine was second wife of John.

2.  She was converted to the religion of the Welsh Baptists, at Cohansev, Salem County, and John joined her in this conversion.

3.  Catherine [Kathrine] remarried and took her children to North Carolina after John died...