Selected Families and Individuals


Johannes KEYKENDALL "Sr"

1.  James D. Kuykendall shows birth date:  31 Apr 1726.


1.  John Right owned land in West Virginia.


1.  There are two dates here:  26 July 1747 & 9 Aug 1747 of which I will assume that the earlier was the date of the marriage certificate and the latter the actural date of marriage.

Rachel REED

1.  Rachel applied 18 Jul 1853 Garrard County, Kentucky for her father's Revolutionary War Pension File #R86566 fpr balance owed her mother and stated that she was the only surviving child of dec'd soldier.

Jacobus "Jacob" KUYKENDALL

1.  Jacob was baptized first at Smithfield DRC (Shawnee, Monroe, Pennsylvania on 21 Jun 1742, but, the minister was not properly ordined.   He was baptized a second time on 12 Jul 1747 at the Walpack DRC (Sussex, New Jersey)

2.  Jacob was kidnapped by indians, later returned to find his wife remarried.....he divorced Barbara 19 Feb 1773 at Hampshire County, West Virginia...this was the first divorce in Virginia.  He was 33 years old.  

3.  After his divorce, Jacob returned to thge Indian Tribe and married Pontiac's daughter and became Chief of one of the Principal Pontiac Tribes, "Ottewas".  His Indian name was "Wah-ke-Gan" translated "
Chief of the Faithful".  They had a child named Simon Pokagon.  This is not documented.  This would have put Jacob's age at about 73 at the time of birth.

1.  More than likely this Jacob was the Jacob Kuykendall captured by one of Chief Pontiac's Indian raiding parties about 1759 and kept as a prisoner and workhorse for many years....After time, he was able to escape and return home only to learn that his wife, Barbara Decker, had remarried and had other children by her prsent husband.  After days of solemn thinking, brokenhearted, he granted her a divorce which became the first divorce ever recoreded in West Virginia.  He then returned to his Indian friends who made him a Tribal Chief and gave him the name of Wakegan (Wah-ke-gan).  Later he would marry one of the daughters of Chief Pontiac.  [It is believed the town of Waukegan "Wah-ke-Gan" (translated "Chief of the Faithful), Illinoios was named after this Kuykendall son]