Selected Families and Individuals


Ellie Mae OSTEEN

1.  Occupation:  Retired from JP Stevens Mill in Tuxedo.

2.  The oldest member of the Tuxedo First Baptist Church.

Martha Jane ANDRESS

1.  Last name could have been Fuqua

Rev. Moses Hampton DENMAN "Sr"

1.  It is assumed that Moses was an educated man, since he became a Baptist Minister, planter, and business man.

2.  According to the 1848 Georgia tax digests, Moses Denman owned a plantation in the "442nd, Bates Mill District" and had seventeen slaves in the year 1848.   (When it came time to free his slaves, he gave each of them a piece of land)

3.  Rev. Denman employed a man named Robert McMinn as overseer for his plantation, and presumably ran the store himself.  Mr. McMinn accompanied the Denman family when they moved to Texas in 1849, and continued with them in his capacity of overseer.

4.  Rev. Denman purchased a plantation located 1.5 miles West of Larissa near the old Killough settlement.  A record of this land purchase, which is on file in the courthouse at Rusk, Texas, shows the price to be $3,200.00 plus intererst for the 800 acres.  Terms of the purchase were: $1,000.00 to be paid December 25 , 1850;  $1,000.00 to be paid December 25, 1851; and $l,200.00 to be paid December 25, 1852, with interest from date at ten percent.
5.  Many years later, a daughter, Laura Ann McMinn became the third wife of Rev. Denman.

6.  Four of the younger children of Rev. and Mrs. Denman attended school at Larissa, presumably from the time of their arrival there, until they moved to Houston County in 1858.  [Moses H. Jr, Albert H., Mary Jane, & Elizabeth]

7.  Rev. Denman owned a general store in Larissa and a plantation on Killough Creek, a short distance from Larissa.  Also, the slave schedules of the U. S. Census for Cherokee County in 1850 indicate that he owned twenty-three slaves in that year.

8.  Two of the Denman children died in the 1850's and are probably buried somewhere near Larissa.

9.  On September 30, 1857, as recored at the courthouse in Crockett, Rev. Moses H. Denman purchased a large tract of land in Houston County from John Box.  This land was part of a league of land granted to John Box in 1835 by the Mexican Government, and was located along both sides of Co Chino Bayou, near the old community of Co Chino.

10.  The U. S. Census records for 1860 indicate 22 slaves were owned by Rev. Denman that year and five slave houses were provieded for their residence on the plantation.

11.  Moses Hampton Denman, Sr. was a prolific progenitor.  He sired 26 children of whom more than 16 grew to adulthood.  [12 by Elizabeth....4 by Mary...10 by Laura Ann]

Laura Ann MC MINN

1.  The graves of Laura and Moses were moved and reinterred in Resthaven Cemetery near Belton when Sparta was inundated.

2.  Information from Story of Bell County, Texas, Vol. I, Bell County Historical Commission, 1988.