Selected Families and Individuals



1.  Joseph settled and lived most of his life in Owen County, Indiana, where his son Charles lived before he moved to Clark County, Illinois.

2.  Occupation:   Painter & Farmer

3.  Joseph died in Missouri at the home of his daughter, Mary.

4.  Alternate date of birth:  5 Mar 1771.

5.  Alternate date of death:  Dec 1841 in Jackson County, Tennessee

Margaret BEELER

1.  Alternate date of death:  Margaret died 8 Jan 1861at the residence of her son, Charles...


1.  George died as a young man, but, before he did he showed up in the court records of Owen County, where he died in a bar-room brawl.


1.  Robert resided in Owen County, Indiana, inthe 1830's.


1.  Mary married James and moved to Jackson County, Missouri.


1.  One of John's last two wives committed not know which one.


1.  One of John's last two wives committed not know which one.

Thomas Omar "Dude" DEATON

1.   From the Ada Bulletin, Pontotoc County, Thursday July 6, 1944:

T. O. (Omer) Deaton, 34, Splendid Young Ranchman-Planter Helping to Make of Lovelady A More Progressive Community

Lovelady---T. O. (Thomas Omer) Deaton 34, son-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. Julius F. Jared, about whom a general story appears elsewhere in these page;  is known to be one of the active and progressive young planters and ranchmen of this sector.  He occupies and farms the 490 acres of land formerly owned by Mr. Jared, and observation and investigation find that he is carving out a magnificent success thereon.  In addition to general crops, Mr. Deaton features some 35 head of milking Short Horn cattle, his herd having a good male, he says;  upward of 50 O.I.C. hogs, and some 200 head of poultry.  Civic , religious and public development efforts have his support and influence;  it is known, and in the instant publicity advertising effort on behalf of his community, Mr. Deaton promptly became one of its enthusiastic sponsors.  Tractor and mule power is employed by this young man in the cultivation of his crops, all of which are properly rotated and diversified, he reports.  He and his wife, Mrs. Lavonia Jared Deaton have four interesting children:  Thomas Odell;  Oneita Dolores;  Patricia Ann; and Mary Jo.  Parents:  Geo. G. and Mrs. Mittie Deaton, both living.  Parents of Mrs. Deaton:  Julius F. and Mrs. Dora Jared, both living.  Mr. Deaton is a native of Pontotoc county, and so is Mrs. Deaton.  Congratulations to these fine young people on their wonderful success thus far as planters, ranchmen and poultrymen, and may the succeeding years, each and everyone of them continue to be exceedingly  kind to both of them!

Dolly LaVonia JARED

1.  Attended grade school at Lovelady & graduated from Byng High School in 1933.

2.   Reached the age of 100.

Harvey Clive “Happy” MEEKS

1.  Harvey Clive as a TWIN to Henry Clyde.

2.  Happy was a graduate of Byng High School.

3.  He served in the U. S. Army 1952-1955.

4.  He attended the Lovelady Baptist Church.