Selected Families and Individuals


Theodore D. SPEARS "Sr"

1.  Carol Jalbert reports that Theodore was killed on the Keystone Dam, Oklahoma construction site.


1.  Carol Jalbert reports that Pink lived in Oregon.


1.  Jesse was known to have land in Tahlequah, Oklahoma in 1951.

George Martin KUYKENDALL

1.  George served in the Civil War and possibly left his children and his first wife Malinda with his parents.

George Martin KUYKENDALL

1.  George served in the Civil War and possibly left his children and his first wife Malinda with his parents.


1.  Laura Conner reports that she has a Confederate Pension Application for Louisa stating that her husband, Geo. M. died in May 1887 in Cherokee County, Alabama.

Silas Jefferson KUYKENDALL

1.  Carolyn Hope reports that she is granddaughter of Silas.

2.  Death Certificate:  #26066

Abraham Washington KUYKENDALL

1.  The Certificate of Birth of James Elmer Kiykendall shows Abraham to have been born in Mississippi.

2.  Abraham had the first general store in Gray, Oklahoma.

3.  A. W. Kuykendall was a witness in Peter's application papers for his pension.

4.  December 27, 1912 - Gray, Beaver County, Oklahoma

Early Tuesday morning the whole community was severly shcocked when the report became current that Abraham W. Kuykendall had died suddenly in his store.  The circumstances surrounding his death are indeed sad.

Ever since he made proof on his claim, himself and wife have been living in the back of his store.  On Tuesday morning they arose about the usual time and Mr. Kuykendall built a fire and his wife cooked breakfact and was getting warm water and fixing for him to wash and as he started to put his hands in the basin he suddenly stiffened up straight and fell over  backwad between the stove and counter and died in a few seconds.  Both doctors arrived on he scene promptly, but whie he was alive when the first one arrived, they could do nothing.  At the time he fell himself and wife were the only ones in the store and her screams soon brought assistance.

The funeral was held at the Gray school house at two o'clock Christmas day, the services being conducted by Revs. Dewitt Sankey and Jayness.  The largest concourse of people that have ever attended a funeral in this part of the country was present.

Abraham W. Kuykendall was well known throught this region, as he was one of the first of what is known as the new settlers, and himselt and wife established the first store in Gray which they managed to the time of his death.  He had an unlimited number of friends and was a man whose advice was sought and eagerly accepted by a score of people in importand business maters, and he will be greatly missed here.  He came from a family that has made a remarkable record, his father having been a Primitive Baptist minister for 96 years and lived to the age of 114 years.  His mother lived to the age of 98 years, and he had one brother that was 120 years old when he died.  Counting his brothers, sisters, and half brothers and half sisters there were 21 children in the family.  Two of his brothers and Mr. Kuykendall were solid consistant members of the Primitive Baptis church.  He leaves a wife, two sons, a daughter, three brothers and a host of friends to mourn his loss and reveerance his memory.

SOURCE:  Message #1688 by Ron Kuykendall on Genforum - Kuykendall Family


1.  James & Aba moved to Beaver County, Oklahoma in 1904.

2.  Kay (Boone) Kuykendall reports that James and Aba lived in Parker, Arizona.

3.  The Certificate of Death No. 392 shows place of residence as 3437 Est Thomas Road, Rural Phoenix, Arizona.

4.  James' occupation was Night Watchamn Guard

5.  His SS No. 526-07-5631

6.  James lived 71 years, 3 month, 6 days.