Selected Families and Individuals



1.  Joseph served in the Illinois Militia beginning 1818, resigning August 25, 1827 as Major of the 13th Regiment, 1st Brigade, 2nd Division.

Andrew Jackson KUYKENDALL

1.  Andrew was a lawyer in Vienna, Johnson County, Illinois.

Joseph Benton KUYKENDALL

1.  Joseph Benton Kuykendall enlisted in Company "D" 31st Illinois Volunteers in August 1861.  He went South with the Regiment and joined the Army of Tennessee.  He was engaged in the battles at Belmont, Jackson and the siege and capture of Vicksburg.  In 1864, he joined Sherman's command at Kenesaw Mountain.

2.  Joseph Benton was honorably discharged August 1864 at the expiration of his term of service.

William Hudson MC MINN

1.  William lived in Mills, New Mexico in 1926.

Robert Lansdon Grundy MC MINN

1.  Robert lived in Omaha, Nebraska in 1926


1.  Is Matilda another name for Martha Jane who is also called "Mollie"?

Robert Jefferson MC MINN

1.  This family lived near Ozark, Mt. Top, Arkansas and in Newton County, Arkansas.

2.  It has been reported that Robert and his brother John M. were in McMinnville, Oregon in 1900.

Charles Lee "Charlie" MC MINN

1.  I do not show a place called Manger in Arkansas....maybe he was born in a manger.

Lillian Annis ST. CLAIR

1.   Lillian was 8th of 9 children.