Selected Families and Individuals


Ellis Edkere DRUERY

1.  Ellis was buried in the yard in Nemaha, Nebraska.

Hamilton Rowan "Uncle Rowe" FULLINGIM "Sr"

1.  Though few details are known with certainty about Rowan's early years, it is an established fact that when he was twenty one years old he was working in Childress County in West Texas for Curtis & Atkinsoin Ranch.
2.  He was Sunday School Superintendent at Oak Grove Methodist Church  for many years.

Kathryn Virginia "Katie" FULLINGIM

1.  Virginia & Ben did not have issue

Hamilton Rowan "Hoot" FULLINGIM "Jr"

1.  After he was married he enlisted in the Navy and was a Carpenter's Mate Second Class V-6 USNR in the Seabees.

2.  He was honorably discharged on September 25, 1945.

3.  He & Tense settled in Decatur, and a one time Hoot owned a service station.

4.  He was a member of the First United Methodist Church in Decatur.

5.  He later owned and operated Alied Agency--an Insurance Company in Decatur.

Rowan Martin "Slim" BEALL

1.  Rowan & Jo did not have issue.

Benjamin Harold "Benny" BEALL "Sr"

1.  Benny & Maralene did not have issue.

2.  Benny's birth certificate indicates that he was born Benjamin Harold Beall.  He changed his name to Bell by court order dated on 28 Dec 1945.

3.  Middle name could be Harlo, but, Charles Neel Bell, his stepson says he was told it was Harold.

Maralene B

1.  Charles Neel Outman III Bell reports that a copy of the divorce decree certified by the Potter County District Clerk on February 24, 1958, referred to her as Maralene B. Bell.  The divorce became effective on March 22, 1946.   So, instead of Marilyn I will now use the name of Maralene......