Selected Families and Individuals


John Nathaniel JONES "I"

1.  The Charles City Order Bk. of 1655-58 (P.104) shows that on 3 Aug 1657 David Jones, age 63, testified to the oral will of John Jones Dec.., stating that John left property to "each of (how many?) his sons", to his sister Mary, to his sister Ann's child, & to James Moore, appointing his wife executrix.

2.  Charles Keith Jones offers a middle name of  "Nathaniel"...?  However, Nathaniel was born in 1628 in England & died 10 Aug 1662 in , Westmoreland, Virginia and was son of Nicholas Jones & Ellin.  He was married to Judith Eastaff daughter of Thomas Eastaff.

David Nathaniel JONES

1.  This David is perhaps our "Boat Person" who arrived in Virginia on the ship "Truelove" in 1622.

2.  He arrived in North Carolina by 1679.  

3.  He was a  close relative of John Jones "I"...possibly grandfather.

4.  J. C. Hotton the original lists of persons of quality..., p.2l4)

5. Chaplain's Choice Muster of the inhabitants in Virginia of 1625.  It lists his age at the time of muster to be 22 years of age.

6.  David died before 1673, leaving a Will, now lost.

7.  "Shadoe" posted much of the “fill in information” Saturday 5 Jun 2004 giving year of birth as 1594...she also showed David’s wife as Hannah UNKNOWN.

Affrica LEWIS

1.  Charles Keith Jones offers the maiden name of Lewis & birth of 1598.  ?


1.  John's estate administered by his brother Thomas in 1754.

2.   Information  from Jonathan B. Butcher, Genealogist, Aug 1982.


1.  Henry's estate was administered by his brother Thomas in 1754.


1.  David was possibly an elder son because it seems he was of age by the tax of 1717.  

2.  He had a daughter Elizabeth in 1727.