Selected Families and Individuals


William Buckley "Bill" MC MINN

1.  Alternate marriage date and place:   25 Jun 1864, Choctaw, Mississippi.

2.  Physical Description:   Approximately 6' 2" tall and weighted almost 200 lbs.   He had dark red hair and was of reddish Irish complexion.  In his old age he still wore a short mustache.  He had a round face, blue eyes and freckles.

3.  After his son "Holly" moved to Texas in 1881/1882, William was left without a home, so his step son, Brad Kelley, went to Winston County and got him and broght him to Choctaw County to live with him.  He died of diarrha.  So when he died, he was buried in the McMinn Family Cemetery in Choctaw County instead of being carried b ack to Winston County where both of his wives are buried.

Abraham "Abram" MC MINN

1.  Information furnished by Effie McMinn Lyda and Jackie McMinn who forwarded a post from Susan "Sammy" McMinn Stanulis:  It says that Thaddeus had 3 sisters all older than himself;  Nany, Margaret, and Eliza and one older brother who died. [Confusion has set in!....were these in addition to those already listed?  Other than Milissia A. there is no "older" sister.  Then, there are two brothers, Wiley & Joseph W. that the one who died may be one of.

2.  This would account for either 16 or 17 children in this marrige.

Mary Ann "Molly" WILLIAMSON

1.  The 1870 Census, Jackson County, Arkansas, Breckenridge TWP, pg 304, Household 6

Drewry Dallas MC MINN

1.  Drewry was killed in the Civil War in Marion County, Alabama.

2.  Alternate place of birth:  Fayette County, Alabama.

3.  Alternate month of death:  October.

Mary Elizabeth MARTIN

1.  Alternate place of birth:   Tennessee

Isaac Andrew Jackson MILLS

1.  Isaac is listed on the 1850 Marion County Census with Hannah and 7 children.

Hannah MC MINN

1.  Information from Effie McMinn Lyda.

2.  "Red" Anthony reports death Abt 1875 in Marion County, Alabama.

James Pascal BERRYHILL

1.  The name may be James Dominiker Berryhill.   They had 12 kids

Patience Catherine "Passie" MC MINN

1.  Information from Effie McMinn Lyda

2.  Another source gives name of Patsy Partina McMinn

Berry Hicks MC MINN

1.  Census of North Carolina, Alabama, Missouri, Bk of V. Brittian, T. McMinn-desc. of #5.

Berry Hicks MC MINN

1.  Census of North Carolina, Alabama, Missouri, Bk of V. Brittian, T. McMinn-desc. of #5.

Robert Newton "Bob" MC MINN

1.  Robert was a saddlemaker.

2.  Picture of Robert, Mary Malissia (Osborne), and Elisabeth Barker McMinn.