Selected Families and Individuals


John Robert "Red" LINKER

1.  Served in WW II

Phyllis A.

1.  Date of Birth shown on grave marker

Gary Alan LINKER

1.  Address:  587 Yreka Dr., Salinas, California 93906-2139

Sgt. James Loranza "Jimmie" LINKER

1.   Served in the U.S. Air Force in Korea

Shirley S.

1.  Address:  34343 Pechanga Rd, Temucla, California 92592-2967

Marriage Notes for Raymond Loran Linker and Shirley S. -318409

1.  Divorced:  14 Oct 1981 Lubbock, Texas

Marriage Notes for Gerald Glynn Linker and Glenda Sue ALBY-318410

1.  Divorced: 13 Oct 1976 Titus, Texas

Marriage Notes for Donald C. Linker and Kathi A. GLADDEN-318411

1.  Divorced:  15 Jun 1989 Denton, Texas