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Leo J. RICKENBACH was born on 24 Jan 1880 in , Marion, Indiana. Leo married Mary HOLLINGSWORTH.

Mary HOLLINGSWORTH [Parents] was born on 2 Feb 1890 in , , Indiana. She died on 29 Nov 1945. Mary married Leo J. RICKENBACH.

Jasper HOLLINGSWORTH [Parents] was born in Apr 1892 in , , Indiana. Jasper married Grace CASH.

Grace CASH was born about 1895 in , , Indiana. Grace married Jasper HOLLINGSWORTH.

Nicklos Frank OWENS was born about 1888 in Connersville, Indiana. Nicklos married Anna HOLLINGSWORTH.

Anna HOLLINGSWORTH [Parents] was born in Sep 1894 in , , Indiana. She died in 1969. Anna married Nicklos Frank OWENS.

Golda Bruce HOLLINGSWORTH [Parents] was born in 1898. Golda married Marjorie Nelson ROBERTS.

Marjorie Nelson ROBERTS was born in 1901. Marjorie married Golda Bruce HOLLINGSWORTH.

S. Jack COOKSEY was born in 1901. S. Jack COOKSEY married Emma Newell HOLLINGSWORTH.

Emma Newell HOLLINGSWORTH [Parents] was born in 1901. Emma married S. Jack COOKSEY.

William Breton LEE was born in 1874. William married Martha Isabelle HOLLINGSWORTH.

Martha Isabelle HOLLINGSWORTH [Parents] was born about 1879 in , , Indiana. She died in Nov 1955. Martha married William Breton LEE.

William Clarke HOLLINGSWORTH [Parents] was born on 8 Sep 1884 in Widner Twp, Knox, Indiana. He died on 12 Dec 1954. William married Ada Mabel MC CLURE.

Ada Mabel MC CLURE was born in 1886. Ada married William Clarke HOLLINGSWORTH.

Jesse Moses HOLLINGSWORTH [Parents] was born on 22 Dec 1792 in Cane Creek, Union, South Carolina. He died on 15 Sep 1854 in , Knox, Indiana. Jesse married Mary POWELL.

Other marriages:
LINDSAY, Mary "Polly" E.

Mary POWELL was born about 1791 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Mary married Jesse Moses HOLLINGSWORTH.

They had the following children.

  F i
Alice HOLLINGSWORTH was born on 24 Nov 1808 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Harold Lee HOLLINGSWORTH [Parents] was born on 15 Sep 1916 in Vincennes, Knox, Indiana. He died on 27 Jan 1987 in Terre Haute, Vigo, Indiana. Harold married Juanita May Frances WILLIAMS.

Juanita May Frances WILLIAMS was born on 16 Mar 1920 in , , Iowa. She died on 14 May 2008 in Terre Haute, Vigo, Indiana. Juanita married Harold Lee HOLLINGSWORTH.

Wilbur Royce HOLLINGSWORTH [Parents] was born on 25 Jul 1921 in Vincennes, Knox, Indiana. He died on 9 Mar 2007 in Morro Bay, California. Wilbur married Bettie J. MADDOX on 9 Oct 1943 in Lauringburg, Scotland, North Carolina.

Other marriages:
, Dorthea

Bettie J. MADDOX [Parents] was born on 10 Mar 1925 in , , Indiana. She died on 11 Mar 1993 in , Sonoma, California. Bettie married Wilbur Royce HOLLINGSWORTH on 9 Oct 1943 in Lauringburg, Scotland, North Carolina.

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