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Warren S. JONES [Parents] was born in 1901 in Indian Territory, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Oklahoma. Warren married Cora JONES.

Cora JONES was born in 1904. Cora married Warren S. JONES.

W. H. WATSON was born in 1842 in , , Tennessee. W. H. WATSON married Margaret Mary JONES.

Margaret Mary JONES [Parents] was born in 1849 in Tazewell, Claiborne, Tennessee. Margaret married W. H. WATSON.

Moses JONES [Parents] was born on 15 Oct 1800 in Tazewell, Claiborne, Tennessee. He died on 15 Jan 1862 in , Cooke, Texas. Moses married Sally on 26 Feb 1832.

Sally was born on 27 Mar 1810 in , Clariborne, Tennessee. She died on 7 Mar 1874 in , Cooke, Texas. Sally married Moses JONES on 26 Feb 1832.

Thomas Fitzpatrick JONES [Parents] was born on 29 Oct 1802 in Tazewell, Claiborne, Tennessee. He died on 14 Feb 1842 in , Claiborne, Tennessee. Thomas married Susannah WALKER in 1826.

Susannah WALKER was born on 5 Nov 1809 in , Sullivan, Tennessee. She died in 1870 in , Greene, Indiana. Susannah married Thomas Fitzpatrick JONES in 1826.

John JONES [Parents] was born on 17 May 1725 in Williamsburg, James, Virginia. He died in 1773 in , Botetourt, Virginia. John married Elizabeth LINGLAN about 1761 in , , Virginia.

Other marriages:
MAGILL, Elizabeth Eleanor

Elizabeth LINGLAN was born in 1726 in , Bath, Virginia. She died in 1774 in , Bath, Virginia. Elizabeth married John JONES about 1761 in , , Virginia.

They had the following children.

  M i John Paul JONES "Sr" was born in 1762. He died on 14 Feb 1842.
  M ii
Nathaniel JONES was born in 1765 in , Botetourt, Virginia.
  F iii Elizabeth JONES was born on 11 Nov 1765. She died on 11 May 1847.

Joe William STOKES was born on 7 Mar 1894 in Dierks, Howard, Arkansas. He died on 3 Sep 1957. Joe married Mitta Pearl BAGLEY.

Mitta Pearl BAGLEY [Parents] was born on 11 Dec 1895 in Dierks, Howard, Arkansas. She died on 1 Jul 1984 in Longview, Cowlitz, Washington. Mitta married Joe William STOKES.

They had the following children.

  M i
Kalb STOKES was born on 26 Sep 1916. He died on 23 Jun 1990 in Longview, Cowlitz, Washington.
  F ii Edith Louise STOKES was born on 20 Oct 1920. She died on 28 Jul 1998.
  M iii Ernest STOKES was born on 15 Oct 1926. He died on 18 Dec 1999.

Ernest STOKES [Parents] was born on 15 Oct 1926 in Dierks, Howard, Arkansas. He died on 18 Dec 1999 in Dierks, Howard, Arkansas. Ernest married Zeeda Lorene BATES.

Zeeda Lorene BATES was born on 27 Dec 1930 in Mount Ida, Montgomery, Arkansas. She died on 3 Jun 2002 in Longview, Cowlitz, Washington. Zeeda married Ernest STOKES.

Pleas Adam WHISTENHUNT was born about 1813 in , Randolph, North Carolina. He died about 1987 in , Pike, Arkansas. He was buried in , Pike, Arkansas. Pleas married Nancy Ann BELL.

Other marriages:
, Mary J.

Nancy Ann BELL was born about 1814 in , , North Carolina. She died in 1859. She was buried in 1859 in Brewer, Pike, Arkansas. Nancy married Pleas Adam WHISTENHUNT.

Ben Jones DARLING was born about 1809 in , , Arkansas. Ben married Pearl CHANDLER.

Pearl CHANDLER [Parents] was born on 16 Jul 1911 in Dierks, Howard, Arkansas. She died on 5 Feb 2010 in Nashville, Howard, Arkansas. Pearl married Ben Jones DARLING.

Royal Bruce BLACKWOOD was born on 28 Oct 1916 in , , Arkansas. He died on 31 Mar 1987 in Dierks, Howard, Arkansas. Royal married Aggie Gene CHANDLER on 20 Apr 1940 in , , Arkansas.

Aggie Gene CHANDLER [Parents] was born on 18 Nov 1922 in , Howard, Arkansas. She died on 17 Nov 1978 in Texarkana, Bowie, Texas. Aggie married Royal Bruce BLACKWOOD on 20 Apr 1940 in , , Arkansas.

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