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William Homer MINOR. William married Addie Elizabeth ODUM.

Addie Elizabeth ODUM. Addie married William Homer MINOR.

They had the following children.

  M i Homer Dean MINOR was born on 8 Oct 1918.

Henry King STANFORD "III" [Parents] was born on 6 Feb 1941. Henry married Paula CAMPBELL on 6 Jun.

Paula CAMPBELL was born in Birmingham, Jefferson, Alabama. Paula married Henry King STANFORD "III" on 6 Jun.

Lowry Claiborne STANFORD [Parents] was born on 19 Apr 1943 in Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia. Lowry married Sherrie PUTNAM.

Sherrie PUTNAM was born in Birmingham, Jefferson, Alabama. Sherrie married Lowry Claiborne STANFORD.

Robert BRODIE was born in Miami, Broward, Florida. Robert married Rhoda Wilkey STANFORD on 20 Oct 1973.

Rhoda Wilkey STANFORD [Parents] was born on 29 Dec 1945. Rhoda married Robert BRODIE on 20 Oct 1973.

Charles DeLone GODWIN [Parents] was born on 13 Jun 1916 in , Hart, Georgia. Charles married Margaret WILLIAMS on 7 Aug 1943.

Margaret WILLIAMS. Margaret married Charles DeLone GODWIN on 7 Aug 1943.

They had the following children.

  F i
Patricia Gayle GODWIN was born on 27 Apr 1945.
  F ii
Margaret Lynne GODWIN was born on 27 Nov 1946.
  F iii
Deborah Sue GODWIN was born on 22 Jun 1952.

Virgil Judson GODWIN [Parents] was born on 7 Jun 1924 in Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia. Virgil married Henrietta MARLOWE on 21 Apr 1950.

Henrietta MARLOWE. Henrietta married Virgil Judson GODWIN on 21 Apr 1950.

They had the following children.

  M i
Charles Judson GODWIN was born on 8 Feb 1956.
  M ii
Mark Marlowe GODWIN was born on 12 Sep.

Ronald Gary DOOLITTLE. Ronald married Lucretia King MINOR on 23 Nov 1972.

Lucretia King MINOR [Parents] was born on 6 Feb 1948. Lucretia married Ronald Gary DOOLITTLE on 23 Nov 1972.

Stephen Dean MINOR [Parents] was born on 14 Jan 1951. Stephen married Francine WING on 30 Jun 1973.

Francine WING. Francine married Stephen Dean MINOR on 30 Jun 1973.

Darling DeLone GARNER [Parents] was born on 29 Sep 1893. He died on 11 Feb 1941 in Veterans Hospital, Augusta, Georgia. Darling married Mary Lou WALDROP on 28 Mar 1920.

Mary Lou WALDROP [Parents] was born on 14 Mar 1895. Mary married Darling DeLone GARNER on 28 Mar 1920.

They had the following children.

  F i Ella Ruth GARNER was born on 13 Mar 1921. She died on 10 Mar 1949.
  F ii Emma Jennette GARNER was born on 1 Nov 1923.
  M iii William Horace GARNER "Sr" was born on 13 Jul 1924. He died on 13 Feb 1966.
  F iv Thelma Lucile GARNER was born on 2 Aug 1929.
  M v Roy DeLone GARNER was born on 14 May 1932.
  M vi Grady Earl GARNER was born on 27 Jun 1936.

Charley Daniel MC MINN [Parents] was born in 1937 in , Henderson, North Carolina. He died on 4 May 2004 in Canton, Haywood, North Carolina. He was buried on 8 May 2004 in Mount Gilead Baptist Church Cemetery, Mills River, Nc.


He had the following children.

  F i Gail MC MINN.
  F ii Janet MC MINN.
  F iii
  F iv Cathy MC MINN.
  M v
Charlie MC MINN.

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