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Logan GRAY was born on 29 Dec 1806 in Roanoke, Virginia. He died on 27 Aug 1889 in Hensleytown, , Tennessee. Logan married Tabitha G. ALLEY in 1832.

Tabitha G. ALLEY [Parents] was born about 1810 in , , Virginia. Tabitha married Logan GRAY in 1832.

Robert A. ALLEY [Parents] was born about 1813 in Marshall, Virginia. He died in 1850 in , , West Virginia. Robert married Elizabeth.

Elizabeth was born in 1814 in , , Virginia. She died in 1860 in , Greenbrier, West Virginia. Elizabeth married Robert A. ALLEY.

They had the following children.

  F i
Catherine ALLEY was born in 1832 in , , West Virginia.
  F ii
Mary I. ALLEY was born in 1839 in , , West Virginia.
  M iii
Selander ALLEY was born in 1841 in , , West Virginia.
  F iv
Emelia ALLEY was born in 1843 in , , West Virginia.
  F v Elizabeth Hill ALLEY was born in Aug 1845.
  F vi
Violet ALLEY was born in 1848 in , , West Virginia.

Austin GRIFFITH was born in Nov 1832 in , Logan, West Virginia. Austin married Elizabeth Hill ALLEY on 23 Nov 1865 in , Boone, West Virginia.

Elizabeth Hill ALLEY [Parents] was born in Aug 1845 in , Logan, West Virginia. Elizabeth married Austin GRIFFITH on 23 Nov 1865 in , Boone, West Virginia.

Joseph WILLIAMSON was born about 1790 in Brunswick, Virginia. Joseph married Mason ALLEY in 1790 in Brunswick, Virginia.

Mason ALLEY [Parents] was born in 1772 in , , Virginia. Mason married Joseph WILLIAMSON in 1790 in Brunswick, Virginia.

Lewis CONNELLY was born about 1778. Lewis married Lucy ALLEY in 1803 in Brunswick, Virginia.

Lucy ALLEY [Parents] was born in 1778. Lucy married Lewis CONNELLY in 1803 in Brunswick, Virginia.

Richard ALLEY [Parents] was born in 1774 in , Franklin, North Carolina. Richard married Mary ALLEY in 1803 in Brunswick, Virginia.

Mary ALLEY [Parents] was born in 1780. Mary married Richard ALLEY in 1803 in Brunswick, Virginia.

Drury ALLEY "Sr" [Parents] was born on 1 Jul 1724 in , , Virginia. He died in 1797. Drury married Susannah.

Other marriages:
, Abigail
ALLEY, Winifred

Susannah. Susannah married Drury ALLEY "Sr".

They had the following children.

  M i
Stephen ALLEY was born in 1765. He died in 1823.
  M ii Drury ALLEY "Jr" was born in 1770.
  M iii
Henry ALLEY was born in 1772.
  M iv Richard ALLEY was born in 1774.

Jimmy MADDOX [Parents] was born about 1870. Jimmy married Essie BROWN.

Essie BROWN was born about 1870. Essie married Jimmy MADDOX.

Thomas ALLEY [Parents] was born on 27 Nov 1581 in Great Bekhampstead, Herffordshire, England. He died in 1656 in , Oxfordshire, England. Thomas married Joane WILSON.

Other marriages:


Joane WILSON was born on 25 Dec 1590 in Dymock, Gloucestershire, England. She died on 24 Sep 1656 in Dymock, Gloucestershire, England. Joane married Thomas ALLEY.

They had the following children.

  M i
Thomas Hill Dunbridge ALLEY was born on 1 Jun 1612 in Dymock, Gloucestershire, England. He died on 30 Dec 1668 in Dymock, Gloucestershire, England.

Charlie HARDY was born about 1872. Charlie married Rosa MADDOX.

Rosa MADDOX [Parents] was born about 1872. Rosa married Charlie HARDY.

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