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John GIBSON was born in 1910 in Maxwell, Pontotoc, Oklahoma. He died on 12 Mar 1977 in Norman, Cleveland, Oklahoma. John married Ruby Pearl BRENDLE.

Ruby Pearl BRENDLE [Parents] was born on 20 Dec 1909 in Maysville, Garvin, Oklahoma. She died on 23 Feb 2003 in Artesia, Eddy, New Mexico. Ruby married John GIBSON.

Other marriages:
SMITH, Leroy Thomas "Roy" "Sr"

Red WORLEY. Red married Barbara BRENDLE.

Barbara BRENDLE [Parents] was born about 1908. Barbara married Red WORLEY.

George Thomas BRENDLE was born on 11 Nov 1855 in , Forsyth, North Carolina. He died on 15 Jun 1915 in Paris, Lamar, Texas. George married Sarah E. WHITEHEAD about 1875.

Sarah E. WHITEHEAD was born on 3 Oct 1854 in , , North Carolina. She died on 11 Sep 1905 in Paris, Lamar, Texas. Sarah married George Thomas BRENDLE about 1875.

They had the following children.

  M i Charles Henry "Bud" BRENDLE was born on 5 Oct 1884. He died on 24 Sep 1970.

George Ralph BRENDLE [Parents] was born on 5 May 1912 in Romlus, Pottawatomie, Oklahoma. He died on 22 Sep 1996 in Ada, Pontotoc, Oklahoma. George married Myrtle "Chine" BREECHEEN.

Myrtle "Chine" BREECHEEN [Parents] was born in 1916 in Romlus, Pottawatomie, Oklahoma. She died in Ada, Pontotoc, Oklahoma. She was buried in Rosedale Cemetery, Ada, Pontotoc, Oklahoma. Myrtle married George Ralph BRENDLE.

Jim BREECHEEN was born in 1893 in Maxwell, Pontotoc, Oklahoma.

He had the following children.

  F i Myrtle "Chine" BREECHEEN was born in 1916.

Samuel Alonzo HOLLINGSWORTH [Parents] was born on 8 Oct 1886 in , Lawrence, Mississippi. He died in 1955. Samuel married Mittie STEWART in 1921.

Other marriages:
THORNTON, Pinkey Victoria

Mittie STEWART was born on 20 Jan 1895 in , Smith, Mississippi. She died in Sep 1977 in Ellisville, Jones, Mississippi. Mittie married Samuel Alonzo HOLLINGSWORTH in 1921.


They had the following children.

  M i Capt. Douglas Floyd HOLLINGSWORTH was born on 10 Apr 1922. He died on 29 Nov 1952 from In a plane crash.

Capt. Douglas Floyd HOLLINGSWORTH [Parents] was born on 10 Apr 1922 in Ellisville, Jones, Mississippi. He died on 29 Nov 1952 in Cherry Point, Craven, North Carolina from In a plane crash. Douglas married Mildred BARNETTE.

Mildred BARNETTE was born on 19 Mar 1922 in New Orleans, Orleans Parish, Louisiana. She died on 3 Jun 1980 in White Stone, Lancaster, Virginia. Mildred married Capt. Douglas Floyd HOLLINGSWORTH.

They had the following children.

  F i
  F ii
  F iii

Herbert W. HILDRETH was born on 15 May 1882. Herbert married Effie May HOLLINGSWORTH on 5 Jun 1912.

Effie May HOLLINGSWORTH [Parents] was born on 20 Mar 1886. Effie married Herbert W. HILDRETH on 5 Jun 1912.

They had the following children.

  F i
Dorothy Eleanor HILDRETH.
  M ii
Glenn Wheeler HILDRETH was born on 15 Aug 1920. He died in Jun 1989 in Reno, , Nevada.
  M iii
Ronald HILDRETH was born on 27 Feb 1926.

Samuel Cary HEMPHILL was born on 20 Jul 1881. Samuel married Dora Estella HOLLINGSWORTH on 27 Oct 1920.

Dora Estella HOLLINGSWORTH [Parents] was born on 24 Sep 1891. Dora married Samuel Cary HEMPHILL on 27 Oct 1920.

They had the following children.

  F i
Ruth Marie HEMPHILL was born on 11 Feb 1922.
  F ii
Esther Laurene HEMPHILL was born on 2 Aug 1923.
  F iii
Anna Easter HEMPHILL was born on 12 Apr 1925.
  F iv
Louise Catherine HEMPHILL was born on 15 Jan 1928.



They had the following children.

  F i Thelma Louise "Elsie" PARKER was born on 19 Jun 1898. She died on 22 Aug 1981.

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