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Paul W. SCHAEFER [Parents]. Paul married Nancy BULLOCK.

Nancy BULLOCK. Nancy married Paul W. SCHAEFER.

They had the following children.

  F i Janet SCHAEFER.
  M ii
  M iii
  M iv David SCHAEFER.
  F v

Bert F. MANN. Bert married Keah BLEVINS.

Keah BLEVINS [Parents]. Keah married Bert F. MANN.

They had the following children.

Cameron MANN.
  F ii
Alana MANN.

Adam Dawson DOBSON [Parents] was born in 1730 in , , Maryland. He died in 1802. Adam married Margaret REESE.

Margaret REESE was born in 1734 in , , Maryland. She died in 1787. Margaret married Adam Dawson DOBSON.

They had the following children.

  M i
Henry DOBSON was born in 1750's. He died in 1781 in Battle of Eutaw Springs.[Notes]

George Henry HOLLINGSWORTH "Jr" [Parents] was born on 3 Oct 1762 in Winchester, Frederick, Virginia. He died on 12 Mar 1824 in , Union, Indiana. George married Jane HENRY in 1774 in , Warren, Ohio.

Jane HENRY was born in 1755 in , , Virginia. She died about 1798 in , , Ohio. Jane married George Henry HOLLINGSWORTH "Jr" in 1774 in , Warren, Ohio.

They had the following children.

  M i
Jeremiah HOLLINGSWORTH was born in 1775 in Hopewell, Frederick, Virginia.[Notes]
  M ii Joseph HOLLINGSWORTH was born on 20 Feb 1777. He died on 29 Sep 1838.
  F iii Ruth HOLLINGSWORTH was born on 30 Aug 1780. She died on 6 Jun 1862.
  F iv Jane HOLLINGSWORTH was born in 1783. She died about 1885.
  F v Mary HOLLINGSWORTH was born in 1785.
  M vi Zephaniah HOLLINGSWORTH was born on 21 Sep 1790. He died on 4 Jul 1852.
  M vii John HOLLINGSWORTH was born in 1791. He died on 26 Sep 1836.
  F viii Ann HOLLINGSWORTH was born in 1795. She died on 19 Mar 1845.

Henry HOLLINGSWORTH [Parents] was born in 1770 in Bush River Mm, Newberry, South Carolina. He died in 1846. Henry married Sarah COX in 1798.

Sarah COX. Sarah married Henry HOLLINGSWORTH in 1798.

John BELAINE was born in 1625 in Burnley Parish, Lancashire, , England. He died on 3 Nov 1663 in , Charles, Maryland. John married Elizabeth HUNPHREY in 1654 in , Charles, Maryland.

Elizabeth HUNPHREY was born in 1625. She died in 1676 in , Charles, Maryland. Elizabeth married John BELAINE in 1654 in , Charles, Maryland.

They had the following children.

  F i Bridget Bride Balaamy BELAINE was born in 1684. She died in Mar 1732.


Mary JACOBS [Parents] was born on 29 Nov 1721 in St. Mary Annes Parish, Cecil, Maryland. She died on 4 Aug 1807 in Elkton, Cecil, Maryland. She was buried on 8 Aug 1807 in Elkton Cemetery, Cecil, Maryland. Mary married MC CALL.

Other marriages:
HOLLINGSWORTH, Zebulon "Zeb" "Sr."


Paul B. CALHOUN. Paul married Janet SCHAEFER.

Janet SCHAEFER [Parents]. Janet married Paul B. CALHOUN.

They had the following children.

  M i
Matthew CALHOUN.
  F ii

David SCHAEFER [Parents]. David married Jen.

Jen. Jen married David SCHAEFER.

Michael Ted BLEVINS [Parents].

He had the following children.

  M i

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