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MORRIS. MORRIS married Wanda Faye LEE.

Wanda Faye LEE [Parents] was born on 23 Aug 1944 in , Putnam, Tennessee. She died on 30 Nov 2000 in Crab Orchard, Putnam, Tennessee. Wanda married MORRIS.

HALE. HALE married Jewel LEE.

Jewel LEE [Parents]. Jewel married HALE.

Claude Oscar LEE [Parents] was born on 20 Nov 1917 in Boma, Putnam, Tennessee. He died on 7 Aug 1968. Claude married Mary Ellen EAST.

Mary Ellen EAST was born about 1920. Mary married Claude Oscar LEE.

They had the following children.

  M i
Marvin LEE.
  F ii Nota LEE.
  F iii Betty LEE.
  F iv Dora LEE.
  M v
Jim LEE.
  F vi Brenda LEE.
  F vii
Donald LEE.
  M viii
Ronald LEE.
  M ix
Ridley LEE.

PUGH. PUGH married Nota LEE.

Nota LEE [Parents]. Nota married PUGH.

PUGH. PUGH married Betty LEE.

Betty LEE [Parents]. Betty married PUGH.

WELCH. WELCH married Dora LEE.

Dora LEE [Parents]. Dora married WELCH.

SHIRKS. SHIRKS married Brenda LEE.

Brenda LEE [Parents]. Brenda married SHIRKS.

. married Frances Verna Marie LEE.

Frances Verna Marie LEE [Parents] was born on 25 Jan 1924 in Crab Orchard, Cumberland, Tennessee. She died on 4 Apr 1957. Frances was married.

They had the following children.

  M i
Johnny LEE.
  F ii Joetta.
  F iii Linley.

MELTON. MELTON married Joetta.

Joetta [Parents]. Joetta married MELTON.

WELCH. WELCH married Linley.

Linley [Parents]. Linley married WELCH.

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