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James Welborn HERRIN [Parents] was born in 1854 in , , Georgia. He died on 16 Oct 1917 in , , South Carolina. James married Cindy.

Cindy was born in 1867 in , , Georgia. Cindy married James Welborn HERRIN.

Alvin Feltcher HERRIN [Parents] was born in 1856 in , Habersham, Georgia. He died in 1883. Alvin married Martha Jane MULLINAX.

Martha Jane MULLINAX was born in 1865 in , , Georgia. Martha married Alvin Feltcher HERRIN.

Edward Harrison TENCH was born on 14 Jul 1863 in District 414, Habersham, Georgia. He died on 7 Dec 1947 in , Habersham, Georgia. Edward married Sarah E. HERRIN in 1881 in , Habersham, Georgia.

Sarah E. HERRIN [Parents] was born in 1859 in Clarkesville, Georgia. Sarah married Edward Harrison TENCH in 1881 in , Habersham, Georgia.

Joseph STEPHENS was born on 28 Jul 1840 in Cartersville, Bartow, Georgia. He died on 15 Jul 1908 in , Craighead, Arkansas. Joseph married Millie Caroline HERRIN in 1862 in , Habersham, Georgia.

Millie Caroline HERRIN [Parents] was born on 15 Apr 1837 in , Habersham, Georgia. She died on 9 Nov 1937 in Nettleton, Craighead, Arkansas. Millie married Joseph STEPHENS in 1862 in , Habersham, Georgia.

David Stewart OLIVER was born on 26 Aug 1819 in Edgefield, Edgefield, South Carolina. He died on 9 May 1908 in Alto, Habersham, Georgia. David married Nancy Elizabeth HERRIN on 22 Sep 1853 in Clarksville, Habersham, Georgia.

Nancy Elizabeth HERRIN [Parents] was born in 1832 in Clarksville, Habersham, Georgia. She died in 1861 in Hills, Habersham, Georgia. Nancy married David Stewart OLIVER on 22 Sep 1853 in Clarksville, Habersham, Georgia.

William M. HERRIN [Parents] was born in 1788 in , , South Carolina. He died in 1859 in , Hall, Georgia. William married Sarah PATTESON in 1805 in , , South Carolina.

Sarah PATTESON was born in 1788 in , , Virginia. She died in 1882 in , Hall, Georgia. Sarah married William M. HERRIN in 1805 in , , South Carolina.

They had the following children.

  M i John HERRIN was born on 24 Nov 1809. He died before 1859.

William Solomon HERRIN "Sr" was born in 1764 in , , Ireland. William married Mary Ann FINCH in 1787.

Mary Ann FINCH was born in 1765 in , , Ireland. Mary married William Solomon HERRIN "Sr" in 1787.

They had the following children.

  M i William M. HERRIN was born in 1788. He died in 1859.

Linard Odell HERRIN [Parents] was born on 19 Aug 1928 in Oklahoma or Imperial Valley, Imperial, California. He died on 25 Dec 2013 in Visalia, Tulare, California. He was buried in Three Rivers Cemetery, Three Rivers, Tulare, California. Linard married Ermogene UMPHRIES.

Ermogene UMPHRIES was born about 1931. Ermogene married Linard Odell HERRIN.

Newnon Ray WILLIAMS was born on 20 Dec 1896 in , Logan, Arkansas. He died on 31 Oct 1984 in , Tulare, California. Newnon married Maggie FITE on 25 Dec 1921 in , Logan, Arkansas.

Maggie FITE [Parents] was born on 30 Nov 1897 in , Logan, Arkansas. She died on 17 Aug 1978 in , Tulare, California. Maggie married Newnon Ray WILLIAMS on 25 Dec 1921 in , Logan, Arkansas.

Richard Lee BLAN was born on 15 Feb 1902 in , , Oklahoma. He died on 2 Feb 1993 in Cameron, Le Flore, Oklahoma. Richard married Martha Maybelle KUYKENDALL.

Martha Maybelle KUYKENDALL [Parents] was born on 15 Oct 1907 in , , Oklahoma. She died on 2 Jan 1939 in , Logan, Arkansas. Martha married Richard Lee BLAN.

Other marriages:
HIGHFIELD, Loyd George

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