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Samuel BYRNS was born about 1833. Samuel married Mary J. WILLIAMS.

Mary J. WILLIAMS [Parents] was born about 1835 in , , Missouri. Mary married Samuel BYRNS.

Other marriages:

Felix COONCE [Parents] was born about 1834 in , Jeffeson, Missouri. He died in Southwest, Missouri. Felix married Elizabeth HUGHEL.

Elizabeth HUGHEL was born in 1837 in , Clark, Ohio. Elizabeth married Felix COONCE.

John Simeon DE FOE was born in 1821. He died in 1904. John married Melissa Caroline COONCE.

Melissa Caroline COONCE [Parents] was born about 1836 in , Jeffeson, Missouri. She died on 24 Jan 1930 in Bonhomme Twp, St. Louis, Missouri. Melissa married John Simeon DE FOE.

Eustace ABBOTT was born on 6 Oct 1849 in Sullivan, Hancock, Maine. He died on 15 Mar 1888 in Lincoln, Nebraska. Eustace married Sarah Elizabeth LOCKE.

Sarah Elizabeth LOCKE was born on 20 Apr 1856 in Muncie, Indiana. She died on 12 Mar 1888 in Lincoln, Nebraska. Sarah married Eustace ABBOTT.

They had the following children.

  F i Florence Ethel ABBOTT was born about 1855. She died on 13 Feb 1979.

Millard David WADE was born on 12 Aug 1882 in , , Missouri. He died on 6 Mar 1956 in Boone, Texas, Missouri. Millard married Bessie Ivie SULLINS.

Bessie Ivie SULLINS [Parents] was born on 16 Sep 1892 in Kinderpost, Texas, Missouri. She died on 11 Apr 1986 in Columbia, Boone, Missouri. Bessie married Millard David WADE.

John MC GINNES was born in , , Tennessee. John married Martha W..

Martha W. was born in , , Tennessee. Martha married John MC GINNES.

They had the following children.

  M i Felix Patterson MC GINNES was born on 5 Jul 1849. He died on 28 Feb 1935.

Benjamin Franklin JONES [Parents] was born on 2 Feb 1820 in St. Francois, St. Francois, Missouri. He died on 24 Dec 1900 in Western Grove, Newton, Arkansas. Benjamin married Annie TENNISON.

Annie TENNISON was born on 12 Jul 1822 in , , Indiana. She died on 4 Feb 1913 in Tamaha, Haskell, Oklahoma. Annie married Benjamin Franklin JONES.

They had the following children.

  F i Sarah Jane JONES was born on 7 Apr 1847. She died on 9 Mar 1909.
  M ii John JONES was born in 1849.
  M iii Lemuel Riley JONES was born in 1852. He died before 1920.

Balis Earl SPARKS was born on 27 Oct 1832 in , Hickman, Tennessee. He died on 23 Sep 1910 in Checotah, McIntosh, Oklahoma. Balis married Sarah Jane JONES.

Sarah Jane JONES [Parents] was born on 7 Apr 1847 in , Newton, Arkansas. She died on 9 Mar 1909 in Checotah, McIntosh, Oklahoma. Sarah married Balis Earl SPARKS.

John JONES [Parents] was born in 1849 in White, Newton, Arkansas. John married Mattie JONES.

Mattie JONES was born about 1851 in , , Arkansas. Mattie married John JONES.

They had the following children.

  M i
Richard JONES was born about 1868 in , , Arkansas.

Lemuel Riley JONES [Parents] was born in 1852 in , , Arkansas. He died before 1920 in , , Arkansas. Lemuel married Frances L. JONES.

Frances L. JONES was born in Oct 1861 in , , Arkansas. Frances married Lemuel Riley JONES.

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