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Dwaine Leon CARR [Parents] was born in 1947 in Dunlap, Sequatchie, Tennessee. Dwaine married Mildred Louise KILGORE on 20 Jan 1967 in Dunlap, Sequatchie, Tennessee.

Mildred Louise KILGORE was born in 1951 in Dunlap, Sequatchie, Tennessee. Mildred married Dwaine Leon CARR on 20 Jan 1967 in Dunlap, Sequatchie, Tennessee.

Charles JOHNSON was born in 1949 in Dunlap, Sequatchie, Tennessee. Charles married Frankie L. CARR.

Frankie L. CARR [Parents] was born in 1951 in Dunlap, Sequatchie, Tennessee. Frankie married Charles JOHNSON.

Lonnie Gerron CARR [Parents] was born on 20 Jul 1961 in Dunlap, Sequatchie, Tennessee. He died on 31 May 2000 in Dunlap, Sequatchie, Tennessee. Lonnie married Marsha HAMBLEN on 26 Feb 1980.

Marsha HAMBLEN was born on 28 Nov 1961 in Dunlap, Sequatchie, Tennessee. Marsha married Lonnie Gerron CARR on 26 Feb 1980.

Ricky CARR [Parents] was born about 1863 in Dunlap, Sequatchie, Tennessee. Ricky married Vicki.

Vicki was born in 1965 in Dunlap, Sequatchie, Tennessee. Vicki married Ricky CARR.

John Aaron HOLLINGSWORTH [Parents] was born on 13 Jan 1915 in , Newton, Mississippi. He died on 13 Nov 1974 in , Newton, Mississippi. John married Ruthie Mae KELLY.

Ruthie Mae KELLY was born in 1920. Ruthie married John Aaron HOLLINGSWORTH.

William Thomas HOLLINGSWORTH [Parents] was born on 7 Dec 1917 in , Newton, Mississippi. He died in 14 My 1986 in , Oxford, Ohio. William married Jane Elizabeth MAJURE.

Jane Elizabeth MAJURE was born in 1919. Jane married William Thomas HOLLINGSWORTH.

Jasper Love ROBERTS [Parents] was born on 2 Apr 1889 in , Montague, Texas. He died on 9 Jun 1945. He was buried in Ryan, Jefferson, Oklahoma. Jasper married Eva Fern SPARMAN.

Eva Fern SPARMAN was born on 19 Sep 1898 in Indian Territory, Grady, Oklahoma. She died on 6 Dec 1980. Eva married Jasper Love ROBERTS.

They had the following children.

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Noel Dean ROBERTS was born on 24 Aug 1926 in , Comanche, Oklahoma. He died on 24 Jan 2012 in Lawton, Comanche, Oklahoma.

Thomas Jefferson BARD [Parents] was born on 23 May 1836 in , Hickman, Kentucky. He died on 28 Mar 1905 in , Fulton, Kentucky. Thomas married Nancy TWIGG.

Other marriages:
ROBERTS, Eugenie Paralee

Nancy TWIGG was born about 1840. Nancy married Thomas Jefferson BARD.

Taylor BARD [Parents] was born on 20 Apr 1827 in Hickman, Fulton, Kentucky. He died on 11 Jan 1900 in , Graves, Kentucky. Taylor married Mary J. REED.

Mary J. REED was born on 25 Nov 1830 in , Hickman, Kentucky. She died on 26 Oct 1909. Mary married Taylor BARD.

John Alexander BARD [Parents] was born on 6 Mar 1829 in , Hardin, Kentucky. He died on 16 Dec 1905 in , Graves, Kentucky. John married Martha FARR.

Martha FARR was born on 11 Sep 1831 in , Lawrence, Alabama. Martha married John Alexander BARD.

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