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Julia Ann QUINN

1.  The New Family Search lists six children


1.  Enoch & Lenor Taylor marriage is recorded in Vol C, page 546, #30808, Fayette County, Texas, married 3-8-2870, Filed 4-16-1870.

2.  November Term 1874 - La Grange, Fayette, Texs - Cause #3027

Lenora Needham Petitioner, resident of Fayette County, Texas, complaining of Enoch Needham also citizen of Fayette County, would respectfully show unto your honor, that on the 7th day of March 1870, Petitioner Lenora Taylor and Enoch Needham defendant intermarried in said county, and lived together in peace until about the 1st of May 1870, when dedendant became indifferent and unkind towards petitioner, frequently using language to injure and would the feeling of petitioner, whch, unkindness gradually increased to direct insults and outragious conduct both in words and actions.  With all this she continued to be to him a kind and affectionate wife, hoping to regain the affections of the said Enoch Needham, but without effect.  He continued his outragious conduct and cruel treatment, daily increasing his excepas, and about the 1st day of July 1870 defendant cursed and abused petitioner in a very brutal manner and then cut her across her hand with his pocket knife and abused her so outrageously that she could no longer live in peace and safety with him.  Sometime about the 1st of January 1871 she left defendant.   He came to the house of Mrs. Robinson, mother of plaintiff, and by threats and force compelled petitioner to leave the house of her mother and go with him and live in dread and fear against her will and earnest pleadings to be left with her mother, that she had no father and no one to protect her or compel defendant to let her remain with her mother and away from defendant.  That defendant continued to keep plaintiff through threats, fear and force with him in a state of almost imprisonment not permitting her to go to see her mother and little brother or visit her neighbors.  That one day during this period of imprisonment defendant brought plaintiff to the tow of La Grance and kept her closely guarded and used force to great ---and mortifiting plaintiff to prevenet her from leaving him and returning to her mother and brother.  Defendant was such a cruel, wicked and ---man, that plaintiff was continually kept under fear and not permitted to enjoy life, mush less to enjoy priviledge that a wife should enjoy of seeing her mother and neighbors, bu which cruel treatment and outragious acts defendant almost crushed the life out of plaintiff, and on or about the 26th day of February 1872 defendant cruelly and outrageously struck, choked, beat, brused and wounded plaintiff with his fist and hands.   About the 1st day of February 1873 defendant was arrested by the Sheriff of Fayette County and put in the County Jail when she had an opportunity to make her escape from the imprisonment of defendant at which time plaintiff returned to her mother under the protection of her brothers, who were then old enough to protect her.  That she has not since February 1873 lived iwith defendant.  That defendant has and keeps in his possession various articles of personal property as is set forth and fully shown in a bill of tiems hereto attached and marked "Exibit A" and made a part of this petition, said articles are the seperate property of plaintiff, and were her own property before she married the defendant.  That he holds and refuses to deliver said property to plaintiff.  They are worth the sume of sixty nine dollars.

That during the time plaintiff lived with Deft. there were two children born of said marriage, a boy and girl, Oscar and Mary who are under the care and management of plaintiff.  That there is no community property of plaintiff and defendant.  Owing to the wild, wicked and desperate character and want of care and attention of plaintiff he is totally disquallified for the duties of a parent and the care of children.  Plaintiff asks that she have and recover judgement against defendant and decree of said court dissolving the bonds of matrimony, that she receive children, Oscar and Mary, and personal property, for cost os suit and further relief to which she is in law or equity entitled to.

EXIBIT A:  1 bed (feather) and bedstead - $25.00
                   3 bed quilts - $10.00
                   1 set knives and forks - $2.00
                    Clothing - $2.50
                   2 feather pillows and slips - $5.00
                   1 keg soap - $10.00
                   1 Cradle and crib - $1.50
                   TOTAL - $69.00

Property returned October 22, 1874 and divorce granted.

3.  Some other sources report that she was married to a Mr. Hunt.

Benjamin Green COX "Sr"

1.  Confederate Baylor's Regiment, Texas Calvery 2nd Regiment, Arizona Brigade

Virginia QUICK

1.  Another source gives place of birth as Flatonia, Texas.

Marriage Notes for Benjamin Green Cox "Sr" and Virginia QUICK-78756

1.  Colorado County, Texas Marriage Records:   Quick, Virginia (bride) was married to B. G. Cox (groom) on February 21, 1874, by Robert P. Harrison, Methodist elder.

William C. DOYLE

1.  On the 1930 Census William C. Doyle was in the household of Dan Doyle.


1.  Dan Doyle was known to be the constable of Pct. #2.

Minnie Lee DOYLE

1.  Minnie died in 1922, at 31 years of age, leaving four minor childen.   Douglas 11, Lillian 8, Ovannah 6 and Willie 2 to be raised by Enoch who was 74 years old at that time.


1.  On 1930 Census of Pct 6, Fayette County, Texas, Lillian is in the household of Minnie's brother Dan Doyle.

Ovannah C. JOHNSON

1.  On the 1930 Census Ovannah is in the household of Minnie's brother, Dan Doyle.