Selected Families and Individuals


Elizabeth JOHN

1.  It is reported that Elizabeth & Robert had several sons.

Zephaniah JOHNS

1.  Occupations:   Farmer and in 1850 was working as a carpenter.

William A. JOHNS

1.  In 1812 William had two slaves and was paying taxes on 143 3/4 acres in Hancock County on Buffalo Creek.

2.  In 1812 he was living in Wilkinson County, Georgia.

3.  In 1812 he was a Militia Captain in Wilkinson County of the 327th District, Capt. Johnson's District (Now Irwinton District)


1.  It is said that Mary did not come to this country until after the Revolutionary War @ age 15.

Samuel JOHNS "Sr"

1.  In 1805 Samuel was single, 21 years of age, living in Geogia  when he had "1 blank draw" in the land lottery.

2.  He probably came to Knox County, Tennesse ub 1805 or 1806 with his father

3.  Samuel & Nancy probably had daughters between 1808 & 1813.


1.  It is speculated that Nancy's maiden name was Taylor, but, is not proven, however Samuel & William Taylor jo8intly sold 100 acres of land which adjo8ined land of Eli King.

Thomas JONES

1.  Thomas left a will in 1845 leaving his estate equally to his wife Rebecca and his only son Joseph Thomas.

Rebecca JOHNS

1.  In 1850 Wilkinson County Census, Rebecca lived alone with her nine year old son Joseph T.   The surname was given as Johns.