Selected Families and Individuals


Thomas Augustus SHANNON

1.   Probably never married...

Thomas Jefferson SHANNON

1.  Source of information:  21 Dec 1850 Census, Grayson County, Texas, 1860 Census, Grayson County, Texas

2,  Land Speculator, Cattle Breeder, and legislator.

3.  He had been active in the Missouri militia and had helped remove the Cherokees from that state during the administration of Governor Lillburn W. Boggs.

4.  In 1839 T, J. Shannon moved from Missouri to Red River County, Texas, settled five miles West of Clarksville near William Becknell, pioneer of the Santa Fe Trail.

5.  Shannon ran for the Second Texas Legislature and campaigned for relocatin of the town.  He won the election and served from December 13, 1847, through March 20, 1848.   The town of Sherman was moved from its initial location because it was deficient in timber and water to the present location in 1848.

6.  After he arrived in Red River County he was charged with fraud by Governor Marmaduke of Missouri in the case of a land transaction involving Becknell and James Shannon. The final judgment, issued by the Texas Supreme Court in 1850, was against Shannon.

Calvin C. TOLSON

1.  Source of information:  1850 Census, Grayson County, Texas, 1860 Census Grayson County, Texas, Margaret Tolson affidavit, Grayson County, Texas of Enoch M. Jones probate.


1,  Martha went to Iowa and died one year aftr her marriage to a banker.