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Earl Jones Genealogy


Ulma Gene HOOD

1.  Earl L. Jones was inducted into U.S. Army 19 Nov 1953 at the same time Gene Hood was and we were both sent to Camp Chaffee, Arkansas, at Fort Smith, Sebastian, Arkansas

2.  Gene and his family were close friends of Ardel (Jr) Hayes, son of Gracie and Ardel Sr., son of Wallace R. Hayes.

Rhonda Gale HOOD

1.  Graduated from Vanoss High School

2.  Rhonda was not married as of 19 Feb 1992

3.  She was a registered nurse

Renee Genise HOOD

1.  Renee was still single as of  19 Feb 1992...


1.  Informatin from Velma Lea @ Reunion 31 Aug 1991...