Selected Families and Individuals


Christopher Wilson HATFIELD

1.  Christopher & Dorothy were divorced in 1993.

2.  He has attented Texas Teck University in Lubbock, Texas, although he has not completed a degree.

3.  He is employed as a technician in electrical engineering.

4.  He is a car nut and enjoys racing and modifying "Hot Cars".

5.  He is a single parent and has been involved in his son's scouting activities as a scout leader and resource person.

6.  He is also a compouter "nut" whom members of the fmily rely on.

Eugene "Bud" Wilson MOORE "III"

1.  Education:  Graduate from Arkansas Tech University in business.

2.  Occupation:  Banking and was a bank president before he was 30 years old, and served on the Boone County Hospital Board.

3.  Religion:  Active in the Christian Church.

4.  This is a famioy of athletes....Wilson & his sons play football, fish, swim, water ski, & jet ski at Greers Ferry Lake.

5.  Wilson is CEO of Bank of Americ in Little Rock.

Tamara "Tammy" JONES

1.  Tammy is active in the Christian Church and is a fine golfer.

2.  She is raising her sons but may return to accounting when the boys are grown.. [14 Apr 2003]


1.  Occupation:  Buyer ofr Sam's Clubs (Walmart).

2.  He has a fabulous record collection.


1.  Delia is from China and was adopted