Selected Families and Individuals


Billy Eugene HAYES

1.  Living @ West Covina, California, in 1992.

Billy Eugene HAYES

1.  Living @ West Covina, California, in 1992.

Jimmy Clayton HAYES

1.  Richard D. Jones reports the marriage was to JoAnn Paulsen [2nd wife], but this writer received the name of Lois Faye Duty [First Wife] from Loretta Gay in 2001. [Marriage license and announcement confirms Joann Carol Paulsen]

2.  The wedding was held in the First Presbyterian Church of Pauls Valley, Oklahoma, with Rev. Duff Canady officiating.

3.  Jimmy & Joann moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico, in August 1961, where he taught school.

4.  Jim taught school at Cameron College in Lawton for the 1965-66 term.  Her had four years of teaching experiece and had taught in the Temple High School.

5.  He & his wife were membes o the First Baptist Church in Lawton, Oklahoma.

6.  Living at Konawa, Oklahoma, in 1992.

7.  A photo sent by Richard Jones shows him in uniform

Joann Carol PAULSEN

1.  Joanne graduated from Pauls Valley High School and attended East Central State College at Ada.

2.  She was a member of Phi Delta Zeta sorority.

Geneva Karol HAYES

1.  The middle name could be spelled "Carol".

Joseph Pickens SIMMONS

1.  Joseph Pickens Simmons moved to Tarrant County, Texas, from Missouri in 1856.

2.  Joseph & Frances had children who were all born in Tarrant County, Texas, from 1856 - 1875, so there was probably a passle of them.

John Henry SIMMONS

1.  John never married.

2.  He was killed by a squatter on his land claim.  He wrote his father in Tarrington County that he had staked out a farm for him.  In the meantime he had some differences with a fellow "Squatter" and the fellow said that he was going to kill him.  A few days later he drove by Henry's blacksmith shop and when Henry walked out he informed him that he had come to kill him, raised his Winchester and fired.  Henry, who was famous with the trigger, shot him once and his postol snapped.  He walked across the street to his house and dropped dead.   The renter lived 2 or 3 days.  During this time he often repeated that he would not die because no man could kill him.

Carlisle SIMMONS

1.  Carlisle never married.

2.  He bet a man $5.00 that he could rope a certain limb on a tree and jerk it off.  He roped the limb but it did not break.  His horse jerked back on him and he died, never gaining consciousness.

William Davis SIMMONS

1.  William never married

Melinda Lucille "Pat" HINES

1.  Pat lived in Salines, California in 1992...

Retha Mae HINES

1.  Retha lived in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma in 1992...

Effie Lee HINES

1.  Effie lived in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma in 1992...


1.  June lived in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma in 1992...

Ronald Lucian WEBB Sr.

1.  Ronald Lucian Webb was adopted...

2.  Ron & Dedie lived in Tecumseh, Oklahoma, at time of his fathers death.

Ronald Lucian WEBB Jr.

1.  Ronald Jr. lived in Urbana, Illinois, at time of his grandmother's death in 2002.