Earl Jones Genealogy


Esther BAKER

1.  Esther writes of the family as follows:

    Leo's mother told me her father lived in Kentucky before coming to Illinois.  He was a veteran of the Civil War.  At the close of the war Captain Jarrett came to Illinois and bought a farm in Jasper County.  His wife was a relative of General Grant.  She died when Margaret was three months old and Captain Jarrett married again to Carol Watt.
    Leo and I came to Gary, Lake County, Indiana when our two boys were small.  Leo immediately got employment at the American Bridge Plant in Gary.  He will retire in 1962 on a pension with thirty-two years record at the same American Bridge plant.
     Both of our boys are World War II Navy veterans.  The brothers never saw each other during the time both were in uniform.   Edward was in the Navy from June 1943 to May 1946.  Stanford left home for the NavY in October 1944 and was discharged in April 1946.  Both boys sailed out under the Golden Gate Bridge just three weeks apart.  Both served in Japan, China and various islands of the Pacific, but were never in the same place at the same time.  Sometimes they were as near as teen days apart.

Joseph "Joe" SNEARLEY

1.  After Joseph's parents divorced Mr. & Mrs. Joe Maurer legally adopted him and he went by the name of Joe Maurer.

2.  Joe married but no record of him is found.