Selected Families and Individuals


Lewis David NICHOLS "I"

1.  Lewis was especially a trial to his mother with his acute sense of humor.  He saved himself many a walloping by making his mother laugh.  He'd say, "Ouch, Mom, quit that, you play to hard!"

    One day he had provoked her last shred of patience and even the ingenious Lewis was able to foresee the deserved tanning that was coming his way.  Annie had him bended over the knee and the shelalie raised for the blow, when Lewis cried, "Hey, Mom, wait a minute!"  She freed him for a second, as it was obvious that he had some object in his pocket.  In his moment of reprieve, he dug deep into his pocket and pulled out a thin dime.   "Here, Mom", he said humbly, "this is my last dime, but I want to give it to you before you kill me".


1.  Alternate place of birth:  Springfield, Tennessee

Esther Elizabeth NICHOLS

1.  Esther & Roy did not have children.

2.  Occupation:  Worked in the Bank of Nashville.

Clyde Blackwood NICHOLS

1.  Clyde & Mary lived in Griffin, Georgia.

2.  Clyde was an attorney.


1.  Lorena was a TWIN to Lawrence

Lawrence NICHOLS

1.  Lawrence was a TWIN to Lorena

2.  Education:  B.S.E.E. from Tri State College, Augala, Indiana in 1924.

3.  Occupation:  Engineer for Michigan Bell Telephone Company, Detroit, Michigan.
                            Worked for Bell Telephone Laboratories in development of electrical wave filters for foreigh line concentratior