Selected Families and Individuals



1.  F. W. Pickens was Governor of South Carolina.

2.  He was a member of Congress.

3.  He was Minister to Russia.


1.  F. W. Pickens was Governor of South Carolina.

2.  He was a member of Congress.

3.  He was Minister to Russia.


1.  Lt. McNeeley was in the United States Navy.

Francis IREDELL "II"

1.  Francis Sr. was a merchant of Bristol.

Margaret MC CULLOH

1.  This Margaret McCulloh was a lineal descendant of Sir Cullo O'Neil, first Laird of Myrton, Scotland, and a son of the Clane boys, Ireland.

2.  In the early part of the 14th century, the Irish took up arms to throw off the British yoke, and called on Robert de Bruce, King of Scotland, to assist.   He sent his brother Edward with 6,000 men.

3.  Cullo O'Neil, an Irish patriot, was made Captain of Horse.   They drove the English out of Ulster.  The English being reinforced surprised Edward de Bruce near Dundolk.  Here Edward was slain by Malpers;  Capt. Cullo O'Neil, with heroic effort, slew Malpes, rcovered and brought off the sword of Edward and made a successful retreat to King Rober de Bruce's army coming on to join his brother.

4.  For this distinguished gallantry the King knighted Capt. O'Neil, made him his standard bearer, Secretary of State and gave him the land of Myrton - the rendendo being "a rose for the King to smell at when he came to Myrton".

5.  Sir Cullo O'Neil died 1331, leaving his estate of Myreton to his eldest son, Sir Godfrey, who assumed the surname McCullo.  The estate was held in his name until 1524, when Sir Alexander McCullo died without issue male and a was succeeded b y his son-in-law, Henry McCulloh, who married his daughter Margaret.  

6.  The Charter was renewed by James I. again by Queen Mary, and held by Simeon Willian and Alxander McCulloh until 1643, when he died, and was succeeded by his son William of Brandelston, who left two sons, James of Grogan and Henry of Breandelston.  

7.  The estate was sold for family debts and heritable bonds before James of Grogan came into possession.  

8.  It thus appears how the name Cullo O'Neil was changed to Cullo and again to McCulloh.

9.  The Claneboys in the Iredell family is Clandeboys or Claeboye on Belfast Lough, the seat of Lord Dufferin, late Governor General of India, a lineal descendant of Hugh O'Neil, ancestor of Clan Hugh Buoy or Claneboys.


1.  Thomas Iredell was a wealthy planter in Tarroca.

2.  He died unmarried.


1.  Mary Ferguson was granddaughter of James McCulloh of Grogan.

John Samuel JOHNSTON

1.  John Johnstone, brother of the Governor, Gabriel, emigrated to America from Dundee, Scotland in 1736 and was appointed Surveyor General of the province in North Carolina.  

2.  He resided in Onslow, owning large possessions in that county.

3.  He was ordained minister of the Church of England and on Sundays would read the services to his family and neighbors.

4.  He often represented his county in the Provincial and State Assemb lies.  

5.  He was wealthy, a capitalist, and it is said governed many in the Assembly by lending them money.

6.  In bad weather he had every kind of work carried on in his house.  Tailors, shoemakers, saddlers - all plied their trades.

7.  In 1776 he was a member of Caswell's Council.


1.  This Scrymgoeur was a lineal descendant of Sir Alexander Scrymgoeur, of the army of King Robert de Bruce.


1.  The Johnstones were an ancient family, deriving their name from the Barony of Johnstone, in Annandale, Scotland.   By successive creations from 1420 to 1701, the head of the race attained the dignity of Marquis.