Selected Families and Individuals


Helen Eleanor KUYKENDALL

1.  Eleanor & Barnett spent most of their lives in Marion County, Alabama.

Charles MADDOX

1.  Charles is found on the 1800 & 1810 Abbeville Census with 1st wife & some children.  It looks like his 1st wife is dead by 1810.

2.  Cannot find Charles on the 1820 Census.

3.  In 1825 he gets a Tennessee Land Grant for 81 acres in Lincoln County along with a man named Benjamin Gibson.  [Most likely related]

4.  Cannot find Charles in the 1830 Census....maybe he was migrating when the census was taken.

5.  In 1840 Charles is found in Lowndes County, Mississippi with his 2nd wife, 2 young children & with an unknown male aged 20.

6.  Bob Skinner reports that Charles was in Lowndes County, Mississippi in 1841 as he was on the tax list there.  By 1843 he was in Montgomery County, Arkansas.

7.  Bob Skinner further reports that he went to the Montgomery County, AR USGen Web site & searched for Maddox.  Goodspeed's Co. write up that Chas. Maddox was a Co. commissioner there in 1845.

8.  Bob Skinner provided the above information with the understanding that it is not proven that this is the right Charles, son of Benjamin & Elizabeth.